I hate my job

I hate my job so much. I try to make the best out of it but I just cant shake how messed up management is. I'm a part of management and I put my foot down when I can with their bs but doesnt seem to change anything. I'm lower management so they dont really take me serious. But I'm so sick of their favoritism, they let some people get away with murder then threaten to fire other people for being a few minutes late. They dont care about their employees at all and they make fun of them. I try to be the "cool" manager and make everyone enjoy being there because I know how stressful it can be with a hard job and a******* managers. Then they wonder why we can't keep employees 🤦‍♀️ our store owners dont care about us either, they made us work for a full week with a carbon monoxide leak and told us we should just buy a fan. People were getting sick and they didnt do anything about it. I definitely also cannot deal with the constant drama that fills that business. They just need to fire the whole staff and bring in new people. Theres no reason for there to be arguments and fights every day. I feel like I'm in high school there. It's just quite sad cause I'm youngest person there and I'm the only one trying to stop the drama and correct the store. I just cant do this anymore. I need to get out of there, I think it's just a lost cause at this point. I can't keep putting in my energy to fix the store because i just cant do it by myself

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  • Been there, went trough that. After 4 years I finally exploded, sending them all "to h***" and quit. Now I'm taking some 6 months "vacation" from everything before moving out of the country permanently. :)

  • Nice fantasy, and not an uncommon one. But the only "exploding" you've done any time recently is into a sock.

  • So you don't hate your job you hate management. Sounds normal. They say people don't quit jobs they quit bosses.

  • Find something else and leave there ass forever

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