Growing His Guy Gut

I’m pregnant again, and my husband always makes fun of my weight gain. So this time, I’m turning it against him.

About five months ago, when we were messing around, I told him I was worried about gaining weight and him not being attracted to me anymore. We had recently found out we were expecting again. He asked if there was anything he could do to help, and then the thought occurred to me that he could get as big as me. So I then told him I would feel better about myself if he got as big as me.

He’s not super skinny anymore. I guess kind of like your average dad bod. Anyways, he sheepishly agreed to put on some weight with me.

Well, that was five months ago, and he went much further than I thought he would. He cut his gym time in half. Ate whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. Started snacking more and eating more junk food. In the last five months, he has gained 40 pounds! I just had to buy him size 40 pants, and he was a 34 pants size when we found out we were expecting. I wear maternity pants at this point in my pregnancy, and he was joking the other day that he probably needs some now. I think he probably does! I’ve gained about 25 pounds, so our bellies have grown at about the same rate!

I love him so much! And it’s crazy to see how much bigger he has become. I think it’s kind of sweet in a way. He walks a little slower. He has a tiny waddle a little bit. He has to pull himself up off the couch now. We have to hug each other differently now because both bellies get in the way a little bit. When we start kissing now, if we kiss more than twenty seconds, he has to take a break because he is out of breath! His face and his bum have filled out more. His body is softer.

The crazy thing is that I want him to stay this way. Maybe even gain another 20-30 pounds. I find myself being really attracted to his new shape and size. I like snuggling on him during pillow talk as we are going to bed. I like rubbing his new belly and cupping his moob. When we spoon, I like the feel of his new belly on my back. It’s all just really sexy to me.

Sometimes I can tell he feels really self-conscious, especially when his friends make fun of him. If they say something about his weight and I’m around, I make a specific point to compliment him, brush my body against his, go up and hug or kiss him or whisper something sexy in his ear with his friends watching. The other day his friends were really giving him a hard time, and so I made sure they overheard me telling their wives how much I enjoy his body now and how sexy he feels.

I’m not sure if he’s going to get any bigger during the last trimester, but I’m not going to mind if he does. He is mine and I love his new, big belly!

Mar 13, 2019

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  • Has he kept gaining? Are you wanting him huge, or do you like his santa belly?

  • How much does he weigh now? How big around is his belly?

  • Oh, wow! I kinda forgot about this post but just got an email that someone responded!! This post is from about 18 months ago.
    The baby is 15 months and I’ve almost bounced back. Have about another 10, maybe 15, pounds to lose to feel normal again. Hubby is a different story. He took our little deal a little far and is a much fatter version of himself. He’s still super sexy to me, and we are talking about another baby. He’s up about 80 pounds. Wears a size 44-46 in pants. XXL shirts and shorts. His belly is about 24 inches bigger than it was. It’s almost like a big, Santa belly now!! 🎅

  • How much does he weigh now in total? What size pants is he wearing? Sounds like he's on his way to be your huge hefty hubby!

  • How fat is your hishand now!?

  • He gained 70 pounds, and kept it all on. He’s so much bigger now. He wears a size 44 pants and he gained 22 inches on his belly during the entire pregnancy. I have about ten pounds to go to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. It I don’t want him to lose any of it. I love his new size!

  • Whatever happened to your husband? Did he lose any of the weight?

  • He didn’t lose any of it and has kept it all on. We bought him a new wardrobe and his skinny clothes are packed away in the attic. He is so big now and I love it! He’s so sexy to me.

  • You can donate those clothes now. If you were the type of woman who wanted your husband skinny and made him lose a bunch of weight, I'd say keep the clothes hanging up, because weight loss almost never lasts.

    But if you love yourself a gaining man, once they go fat, they don't go back! That gut is the very essence of stability right there, especially if they got an encourager in the bedroom.

  • I hope you continues to love him that fat because no other women will!

  • Wow! He got super fat on you!

  • I don’t mind at all when my husband gains weight. I think he looks sexy no matter his size. And I think his pregnant-looking hairy belly can be really cute.

  • Definitely get the sports bra. My husband is like a C cup now and it smooths him out and gives his moobs support. His chest in a tshirt or a dress shirt looks better. He said it actually makes his back hurt less. It was a little different at first, but he's used to it now and I'm used to seeing him in it. I always thought I wanted my man with a strong and tight chest, but I prefer his new mushy and soft chest. It's much more comfortable to sleep on.

  • Sounds like my husband. Although, I didn't ask him to gain weight. He just did it on his own. He's put on about 60-70 pounds on an already chubby frame. The other day he asked me to amazon him a sports bra because his chest was bouncing so much when he tried to exercise. I told him that I would find him something to help support his growing moobs! Now he knows what it's like to be me. (And I really don't mind his weight gain. He is still a wonderful husband. He's just a bigger version of himself in a sports bra.)

  • I bought my husband a regular bra. It has really wide straps and helps his posture. It was hard to get him to try and start wearing it, but now he wouldn’t go without it.

  • My husband has been on a lot of weight, too. More with each kid. Before I was a little embarrassed about it, especially when we hadn’t seen someone for a little while. It was a very noticeable weight gain. But now I look back on pictures, and he looked so skinny to me! I prefer my large and chubby man. He’s probably gained about 80 pounds. He was a L and now he is a XXL, but I love every pound of him! I like to give him a hug from behind and grab his big belly and grab his moobs. He hasn’t asked for a sports bra yet, but maybe I should surprise him with one. He sure needs it!

  • If you show him you are trying to help him and that you love him and still find him manly, I’m sure he will wear the bra. After all, it’s just a piece of underwear.

  • Wow! Congrats on showing him who is the boss. Now he can know what it’s like to be you! Hope you like his fat belly!

  • You should measure both bellies and see who gains more inches!

  • His belly got really big! He was more inches than I was when I was nine months pregnant.

  • The fatter, the better. My man used to be skinny. A couple years with me fixed that! I’m a really good cook and he plumped up in just a few years. I’ve always been attracted to bigger boys, so I had to help him fill out a bit. He’s put on about 100 pounds since dating/marrying me and he looks and feels much sexier to me now.

  • Yes, some girls will refuse to date a skinny guy, but if you're a good cook, give us a chance. Few skinny guys stay that way for long with a talented chef in the house!

  • Amen to that skinny man!

  • Skinny man for now indeed! I've seen a skinny man move in with girl who bakes nonstop and loves chub. You'd never guess he was skinny before.

  • Nothing wrong with fattening up a man if you intend to be his forever. That extra fat is a layer of security to keep other women away, and it’s your marker that he has someone else that already takes good care of him!

  • Does he feel OK? 100 pounds is a lot of weight.

  • How much bigger do you want him?

  • Hope you poo when you give birth and humiliate yourself!

  • That’s not very nice.

  • It's erotic in my eyes

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