My husband has done the worst he can do.

We have been married for 15 years and have three children. I thought things were really great between us. He has everything a man could want. A lovely home and three beautiful children. A wife who lets him be himself. Doesn't nag him and gives him s** whenever he likes. I even initiate s** once in a while. He plays golf and gets time to himself. He has his toys which I enjoy with him and encourage. Like a Harley Fat Boy, and a 2018 Z06 Corvette. But it seems that things aren't ok. I found out he's been having an affair with an older woman at his work. I saw his phone ringing and I answered it. She didn't say a word when I said hello. Then about thirty minutes later I saw a text pop up that read, " When your a lone call me please very important I speak with you. Love you Miranda."

When I saw the words my heart sank. I met her at their Christmas party last year. I never thought something like this would happen to us. I trusted my husband never giving a moments concern about him cheating. He always lets me know when he will be working late which isn't very often. He's always affectionate with me and the kids and makes time for family stuff. So I have no idea where he found the time to even have an affair. When I asked him about the call and the text he fessed up and told me what was going on. I asked him why. Which he couldn't explain other than to say he just developed feelings for this woman.

He moved out and is currently living with a male friend who is single. I don't like this guy cause he is a smooth womanizer. I think this person is a bad influence. The affair isn't the worst part of the whole darn situation. It seems my husband has gotten his girlfriend pregnant. I just can't believe it. My parents love him like a son and are crushed. His parents passed away a few years ago. This home wrecker says she intends to have the baby.

He says that he loves her and doesn't love me anymore. I don't believe him when he says that. He comes to pick up the children and take them out. But sometimes we have had s** before he does so. The fact that I can still seduce him and get him to sleep with me makes me think he still does love me. I told him that I want to talk to Miranda and he said I better not and made me promise that I wouldn't. Wonder what she would think of him still sleeping with me.

I told him that I love him and will be right here waiting. I'm thinking of sending her a registered letter and ask her to leave us alone. I'm sure he would be back with me if she wasn't in the picture. She should have an abortion and find herself her own man and leave my husband alone. I really dislike her. Even though she is older she is prettier than me. I try to make myself attractive but that's how I feel. I think he's just infatuated with her but don't see it lasting. She is more controlling and very insecure and jealous. If they are together and I call his cell phone she goes crazy and suspicious.


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  • Lots of comments. I didn't write this for advice. I wanted to only share my story with others. I have shared my story on some other sites that are more of the serious nature and for women in general. To the one poster who said we are stupid and then bragged about cheating on his wife. There is a thing called love that makes us do somethings we might not do under normal conditions. plenty of men do so called dumb things over women. So it's not just women.

    To update those who are interested. I changed all the locks on the house and changed the code to get in the garage. So he's now locked out. He can no longer come home whenever he likes. I have also gone to a really good divorce attorney and she looks out for women's rights and issues. I'm also now going to get therapy for what I'm going through and so are the children. They are the real victims in this situation. I will get through this. But I'm worried about the lasting damage and effect on the children. They are asking why daddy doesn't come home anymore. They cry at night and it's gut wrenching. It tears your heart apart to hear the sorrow and sadness it's causing them. He even missed our youngest birthday party and didn't even call her. She says daddy doesn't love her anymore. I told her he does but he's lost and confused right now. I'm taking all the steps I need to do and progressing as if he won't return. Legal steps. He won't find things so easy from now on.

  • I was in your situation. I made the mistake of allowing him to float between me and his mistress. I thought I was so in love. It clouded my judgment. It went on for too many years. He spent most of those times with her. I made up excuses at family gatherings why he wasn't with us. He would come over and then take me to bed. But leave in a few hours or a couple days depending on how it was going with her. I didn't listen to my friends and cut him off and divorce him when they told me to. But I reached a point where I was just worn out emotional and felt so drained. I had no fight left in me. I didn't want her to win. What I should have realized is that she wasn't going to win. So at the end of my rope I divorced him. It demoralized him. His own darn fault. Things didn't go well for him or her. They finally married but after two years he cheated on her and ran off with another woman. I should have grown a pair of b**** from the start. When he told me he was having an affair I should have kicked his cheating as s out of our home and divorced him. I let him have his way for six long years of back and forth where I felt like the "F"g mistress and she was the wife. Live and learn. Please take heed of my and others who have told you what you need to do. If he loved you he wouldn't be doing this in the first place. He's playing on your emotions. End it now. Do you want to do this craziness for years? Trust me no man is worth the cost and what it does to your family. Mine was in chaos. Our youngest son acted out and caused problems for years thanks to me and my husband crap. I should have divorced him straight away. Don't let this man manipulate you anymore.

  • You women are so stupid and totally pathetic. You let us men treat you like dirt ha ha! I'm f****** around on my wife right now he he! Dumb A S S Biotch doesn't have a clue. Like you she is really ok and really doesn't deserve it. Or does she? Anyway love reading your post. They make me laugh. My wife would divorce me in a red hot second if she finds out. I guarantee you she wouldn't let me come home and get her P US SY though. Makes me wish I would have married one of you loosers. LOL

  • Your best friend is spot on. The only contact you should be having with him given this hot mess is co-parenting matters. PERIOD. He's played you a fool for a long time then when found out you allowed him to continue playing you.
    Absolutely do as you say and consult an Atty. Your husband is going to get a real awaking when his affair melts down and he has support payments for a couple decades and he discovers in years to come he is the one that blew up his own world.

  • Well the last three posters are probably right. He is a self centered A- hole. I am going to try and just cut him off. No more s** and no more chit chat. No more running back to spend the night when he's had a knock down drag out fight with his other woman. Like I said they have a fight and he comes back home and he sleeps with me. But a couple days later he's back with her. She is a crazy b****. He will probably loose his job over this. The company frowns upon these relationships at work. He says it's pretty un bearable at work when they are fighting.

    I think she uses it as a tool to get her way. I asked why do you go back to her and the craziness. I don't act like that. I don't get it. Other than the s** part. But it's not worth it. The price he's paying for the p**** is way too high. But yes I need to close the door on him and say no more. Yes I am going to a good attorney and the gloves are off. The things he loves he can kiss goodbye like his Harley and Corvette. Oh well I can't continue on like this. I do love him. I can't help it. But I'm tired of being used. My best friend told me to stop doing all the things I still do for him. I wish him luck cause he's going to need lots of it.

  • Time for a divorce. Your husband has the nerve to knock up another woman with no regret and you want him back? You need to get your head checked sister

  • Stop sleeping with him. You trying to entice him back home is not going to work in essence your placating his bad behavior. Go talk to a counselor to get some perspective and to help sort things out.

  • You are delusional. He doesn’t love you anymore. Just because you can seduce him means nothing. Easy p**** is too good to pass up. He probably doesn’t love her either. Don’t believe me? Set him up with another chick and he’ll go for it. Time to take care of yourself now. Take his money and find some new c***.

  • I can't believe how ungrateful you are being! He is with the woman he loves!
    He still has s*X with you and you are being so selfish, you said yourself she is better looking! And guaranteed much better in bed than you!
    Be grateful he is keeping you on the side! Don't ruin what you have got!

  • It's so cute when incels try to troll a subject they are in no danger of experiencing themselves. Or are you a middle school kid? Either way, stfu Donny. You're out of your element!

  • Really, ok let just see how you interpret this?
    You are american, a woman and clearly spend a lot of time on line.

    As for the original op (which could be you?I don't care either way) he is gone, he cheated, you say this woman manipulated him? Then he is weak!
    He had children with you and has let them down too for his affair, apparently another life is being brought in to the world only to be fukked around!

    Stop sleeping with him! You are making yourself an away target!
    Show your children what a strong woman can be! Lead by example boys should be shown how a real man behaves and girls should learn a woman is not a doormat!!

  • That was easy target

  • Yeah well she is the crazy one. He complains to me how she accuses him of l****** after other women when they go out. She is also keeping close taps on him. They have nasty fights and he comes running home to me. He told me that s** with me is free and easy. While she uses it as a tool to make him do what she wants. So I can wait her out. She is a manipulative b****, poison. I will win in the end. He will never merry her. He is just sowing his wild oats.

  • No you are lying! You are willing to to sleep with the first man who wants you, don't you?!

  • You actually think the OP wrote that comment? I hope for your sake you don't look as stupid as you sound.

  • I've written above as well, for your sake look in the mirror and realise you are not as clever as you think! You clearly suffer from dunning Kruger affect!
    No one in their right mind would come to this sight for real advice would they?
    I don't expect you to answer back with a sensible retort, but think next time you write something?

  • Capital D in Dunning. Effect. Not Affect. Dunning-Kruger Effect.

    And it is "site" as in website. "come to this site"... not sight... "See" what I mean?

    You were so close to being smart enough to explain it though. Good try!

  • I think we may have got off on the wrong foot, I guess I keep messaging you because I like you

  • Predictive text, and you pointed out some spelling mistakes after a week!
    Still not addressed the facts that I listed? Don't try and act clever because that is all you are doing acting.
    Speek in another week phenom!

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