Mom was stuck

So my mom was cleaning the dishe's, and her ring fell into the sink. In reaction, she threw her hand into the sink, trying to catch the ring, but got her hand stuck in it. She was wearing an oversized shirt without a bra, and slightly large pyjamas. When I came to help her, we decided pushing her backwards would help. I stood right behind her and pushed her phat ass into my c***. I did this a couple times until she realized what I was trying and stopped. Then I quizkly spooned her and pushed her upwards while dry humping her. She also put a stop to that before something happened. A little angry, she told me to pull her waist but stand on the side. While doing this, I had a grip on her loose pyjamas, not her waist, and yanked them off. I got a look at her ads, and massaged it in a jokely manner while putting her pants back on. My mom was growing impatient and told me to put vegetable oIL in the sink where her hand was stuck. Being a h**** genius, I got the huge jug with oil and dropped a LOT in the sink. Acting as if it was too heavy, I spilled the load all over her large shirt ( you could easily shape out her t*** before the oil, now the shirt was glued exactly to her skin). I quickly threw down the jug and started massagin her t*** as if I was getting rid of the oil. Then I quizkly lifted her shirt and started massaging her t*** with a rag. I ran upstairs and brought her a shower robe. Now when I spooned her, to take her arm out, I felt her ass and her t***. We ended up taking her arm out and she said she was never doing that again.

Aug 8, 2019

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