Caught Crossdressing at Work

I got caught crossdressing at work. 

Many evenings, after the people around me have left the office, I'll slip into some lingerie and stockings, maybe some pantyhose, then go online to chat on cam.

I love a satiny chemise or short nighty. Occasionally, I stay really late or come in on a weekend and get fully dressed in my full-on, sexy secretary best.

(I wear panties and perfume everyday. Though, I'm starting to get the feeling from little comments a few coworkers have made that my little secret might not be so secret.) 

One evening about a month ago, everyone had left (or so I thought), so I slipped into my favorite outfit, a silky black babydoll nighty, matching panties, black stockings with a seam down the back, and shiny black pumps. 

I have a black button-up shirt, that I can throw on if I hear someone walking by. In order to see the "bottom half" of my cubicle, a person would have to actually walk into my row, which never really happened before.  

I was online chatting when I heard the elevator doors open. This happens sometimes, so I didn't panic. I pulled on the black button-up shirt, scooched forward a little under my desk, and continued typing. 

To my great shock and surprise, A****, my very hot cubicle neighbor walked around the corner. She NEVER stays late, ever. I thought, Oh, no! She has the cubicle right beside mine! 

She started walking over towards her desk, and she said, "Hey! I got stuck in a meeting. Still here, huh?" 

I flushed, swallowed the lump in my throat, and managed a truncated, "Uh-huh." I was scooching forward as stealthily as I could, trying to pull my shirt down, gather myself, though it was almost pointless; my stockings-clad legs and shiny black pumps were pretty exposed. 

A**** got to her desk without paying me too much attention. She was talking about the meeting, gathering some things on her desk, and getting ready to go. 

I looked down at myself. I was not fully exposed, but not fully covered either. A cursory glance down from her would be enough to fill in the blanks. 

Finally, A**** turned to look at me. "Don't stay too...," she said briefly glancing down, "um, too late tonight. I'm, uh, heading home." She didn't stare, but there was definitely a pause. She looked down, and paused. 

At the time, I couldn't be 100% certain if she saw me and chose to ignore it (I mean, what was she supposed to say?) or if she just didn't really look DOWN down, or didn’t process the information.

She gathered up her things and started walking out. She stopped, turned and said, "Well, See you tomorrow." 

My mouth was dry, my throat was swollen, and my heart was pounding in my chest. I mangaged to say, "Um, sure." 

A**** smiled, said "Okay, bye," and walked out. 

I was freaking out. Would she tell my boss? Would she tell my coworkers? Would I be fired, humiliated? I was wearing LINGERIE and STOCKINGS at my desk; that has to be a violation of the dress code, right? The next 24 hours I was terrified. As far as I know she didn't say a word to anyone, though, or didn’t notice. The next day, she didn't mention it, nor did I. 

Last Wednesday, week before last, I was dressed again at my cubicle, chatting on a cam site, when A**** came around the corner unexpectedly (no elevator this time, she came from the other side of the building). I threw on the shirt as fast as I could.

A**** walked up, looked square at me over the top of my cubicle and said, "Don't mind me, night owl." 

My shirt wasn't buttoned up. I was not well-hidden. At all. She just giggled, then went to her desk and sat down. I buttoned up the shirt and scooched again. (It seemed to work last time!) 

After a few minutes, she stood up to leave, looked down--clearly down at my black panties, stockings, and shiny black pumps. There was an unmistakable pause. A quick glance up and down, then she gathered her things with a wry grin.

All she said then was, "Have a great night, hun." Then, she winked at me. 

That wink could have knocked me flat over. I didn't even answer her. I was too shocked.

She walked out without another word.

Maybe the first time she maybe didn't see me, or just couldn't process it; but after this second time, she knows. I know she knows. I hope it will stay our little secret now.

Oct 19, 2019

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  • You naughty boy!!!! I know you love the feeling of the soft silky nylon against your skin, the tightness of the silky stockings against your legs, the naughtiness of having the silky knickers enclosing your private parts hard with excitement.
    It is fun and exciting knowing you might be caught,
    Enjoy my darling, I have been dressing En-femme for years and I can go out completely dressed as female and it creates absolutely no attention whatsoever now, but it still fills me with excitement.
    Signed Lingerie Lover

  • She knew and it likely made her excited more than she showed.

    I dress all the time and go out everywhere dressed. One night my girlfriend was working late and she told me I should come to the office dressed which would be a first to go into an office building dressed.

    Walking in was very exciting as if I were another person going to work.

    My girlfriend was at her desk and greeted me with my female name. I went to her and she leaned back in her chair as I kissed her. She felt under my shirt skirt as we kissed and found my pantyhose and panties were wet with Pre c**. She said “I guess you are excited to see me” Yes, I then felt her panties as she was also very wet.

    I could not wait any longer and got on my knees between her legs and pulled down her wet panties and went to licking on her p****. She was having loud o****** and plenty of them so she did not hear of see another female worker come in. When she said “Oh hi Debbie” I still let licking since there would be no way anyone could tell I was not a woman having lesbian s**. The “Debbie” woman said “Oh, I see you are taking a little break and enjoying it as well” My girlfriend replied with “OMG yes, she is great at eating p****

    The Debbie woman said “Dam it, you two are making me wet” My girlfriend that is very BI, said “well, come over here and sit on the desk I can can help you with your problem. So I was licking my girlfriend and my girlfriend was licking Debbie.

    When they switched and Debbie started to lick my girlfriend, I got behind Debbie and licked her wet, c** dripping p**** from behind. Debbie wanted to take a turn on me but my girlfriend said “Not good this week for her down there” Dam it Debbie said “she licks good and I wanted to return the favor”

    We will do this again she said. The two woman had many o****** by me and each other and the woman never found out what was in my panties and it was not a feminine napkin 😉

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