Sudden dirty thoughts

I generally have a weak s** drive that comes maybe once or twice in a couple of months, but I got insanely attracted to my college professor from the first day. He is maybe around 50, the type of person I seriously doubt is a psychopath. I could tell he was a snake from first glance and for some reason I was into that? He made a very easy test (5 simple problems) and helped students that couldn't do it, even sat and literally wrote down the whole procedure. Then when results came in, he gave 0 points to all the problems he had solved and that the others had copied, because, as he claimed happily, he DID grade OUR work. I knew smth was up as he was smiling the whole time but damn. So anyway, I refused help that day bc I knew he is the kind of person that takes back what he gives, and got an 85, even though, since messed up a problem, it should've been 80. Next class he makes the girl next to me solve a problem on the whiteboard and sits in her place, starts chatting. The test was very easy, a 20 min one and I came third on the list so i was neither very smart nor the smartest of the class, so i suspected he was up to smth. I kept my answers short but whenever i'd slip and he'd get what he was aiming for, he'd just faintly smile and stare at me like he won. Idk why i seriously got a huge urge to jump at him and lock his hands to the desk, have this battle of who gets to dominate who. It's been two weeks and I'm embarrased on how far I've gone in my head. I'd tie his hands behind his chair and only touch him with one finger just enough to arouse him but not near enough to make him come. Until he'd find a way with words to convince me to untie him (maybe promising to lick me if I did) and ofc, not keeping his word but making me do what he wants to. I'd then do the same and get back control, and so on and so forth. I wanna put a d*** ring on him, then have him search for me in a room, making the ring shake more the closer he gets to me. I know he'd take revenge the moment he will touch me and ... I can't stop. I've been masturbating up to 4 times a week idk what to do I've never been this dirty minded.

Nov 26, 2019

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  • I would like to watch you m********* ! If I were him , I would make you smell your own panties , while you m********* !

  • Does he live alone? If so, make an appointment with him at home in the pretext that you want to discuss some 'academic' issues. Once there, seduce him so that you can tie him on the chair and go nude to excite him. Leave it at this stage and make an appointment for your next visit. Lead him on on on ... You have a latent domineering mind on men, explore it to satisfy your sexuality!

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