Alcoholic parents humiliated me as a teen

I got off the school bus in the afternoon, my mother was passed out drunk in the front yard with her robe wide open and naked underneath. Even better? When I closed her robe I noticed she also crapped herself. I was 15. Please don’t comment on my grammar or spelling mistakes. I’ve struggled my whole life with reading and writing and yet managed to finish collage. My mom was a superwoman. My father was a weekend alcoholic then after being injured at work became a full blown p*** tank. She held it all together, went back to school, became a nurse while raising all of us. Then a glass of wine a night turned into a bottle to the point she couldn’t hold her job anymore. She gave up. By this time it was only my little sister and me. The others moved out. She is 3 years younger. I did my best to look after her, tried to keep her safe. My father wasn’t sexually abusive but he was everything else, he would go on 3-4 day benders and blast music so we couldn’t sleep, my mom would have to go to her early shift at 7am and literly would have no sleep. Non of us did. So school? Yeah that didn’t work out, I dropped out, and moved out at 16yo. ( I later went back to finish at 19-20yo). I remember my sister called me one night crying she woulda been 13 at the time. I could hear the music blasting in the background, she tried to turn the music off and he clobbered her over the head. I jumped in my car ( was a total s*** box) and I flew into the driveway which was about a 20-30 min drive. I barged into the kitchen, my mom hunched over the table, my old mans eyes were big and wide like they would get when he was ready to flip out. I didn’t say a word, I attacked him, I had never fought back before, I wasn’t a big guy, 120lbs? At best. He was 220. I can’t explain it but a rage came over me. I let him have it, I broke his ribs, smashed his face and I cried the whole time while it was happening. I smashed the stereo, packed my sister up and took her with me. I never looked back. My sister eventually moved in with a friend of hers and I eventually moved in with a girl (who I ended up marrying). I went to visit my mom once and I while till it got so bad I couldn’t stand seeing it anymore. I kissed her on her check and said good by. About 2 years went by, I seen my parents at parties and such. My dad could still function drunk but my mom was a write off. But she would stumble into the function just long enough to make a ass out of herself and embarrass us then go pass out in the car outside. As fait has it she was diagnosed with cancer, doctors told her if she didn’t quit drinking they wouldn’t treat it. So she quit. Hospitals, surgery's, and chemo for a year or so and 20 years later she’s still cancer free. My father is now dying of cancer, and it’s my little sister who’s looking after him. He’s been sober for 8 years. I haven’t for gave him. I go to visit to support my mom and sister. There’s way more to this story but it would take a book to write it all down. My kids don’t know anything about it, I struggle with alcohol myself now, my experience makes me hold it together for them. My son would never have survived what I went through. Thanks for reading. And never give up. There’s always hope.

Dec 29, 2019

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  • Horrible situation for sure!
    You need to get off the booze. Don't s**** up your entire family like YOUR parents did. You can do it . . . DO IT!

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