Too funny not to share.

My wife and I went to visit her mom, She has been single all her life, Never married, Doesn't date anymore and I don't know what happened with the wife's dad but he is not around, I think he is alive but no one mentions him, She has never even seen him and if it ever gets brought up the subject gets changed so I always leave that alone.
We were sleeping in the basement room and I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep, I knew it was early and didn't want to wake anyone else up but couldn't lay there anymore so I went ot make coffee, I snuck up the stairs and rounded the corner and my wife's mom has the second bedroom on the main floor set up as an office since she is self employed. Right away I seen her in front of the computer but could only see her legs and see that the computer was on, I took one more step and could see that she was rubbing one out.
She had on a housecoat and was leaning back in her office chair rubbing her p****, She is 55 and has an ok body for her age, I could see her p**** and she is 55 and single so doesn't shave at all but it's not like she has a big afro or anythning and I could still see her lips, She used to date but says the pool of quality bachelors is very shallow and hasn't in years, Like almost 20 or something but I am sure she used to get her p**** hammered and being older I kind of half expected it to be all f***** out and big and ugly but it looks alright which gives me hope for my wife. Anywhoo she had one small wrinkly little t** hanging out and they look pretty much how I expected, Small, saggy and wrinkly with a small, Hard, Wrinkly nipple.
I stepped back, Turned on the hall light and started walking, I heard her mutter something and then heard "OH, Oh, Ahhhh" and as I made it to the door her chair was tipping backwards, She had her legs in the air and spread wide with her pink p**** spread and she waved her arms and then went right over backwards and THUMP. I said "Oh my god are you ok" and ran into the room, She had one leg over the chair and her legs spread, Her housecoat was wide open and her little t****** were hanging out, She moaned "Oh god Ahhh" and held her thigh, She slowly pulled her leg off the chair while I took my time helping her and looking right between her legs, she pulled her housecoat closed and then I heard Thump, Thump, Thump and my wife came running upstairs, She came in and said "What was that?", She seen her mom on the floor and said "What happened, Are you ok" and her mom said "Ahhh, I don't know" and rolled onto her stomach, Her housecoat was riding up and her butt was showing and as she got to her knees her whole ass and p**** were hanging out.
My wife caught me looking and just held her hands up with her mouth open looking at me like WTF, I giggled and her mom stood up, Fixed her house coat and looked at us, My wife looked at the computer and said "Oh s***" and put her hand up to block her view and I looked two, she was watching a woman get tagged, I said "Well your chair broke" and the one leg was actually broke and my wife said "Ok, Let's" and motioned to leave the room, She looked at her mom and said "You're ok?" and her mom said "I...yeah, I will be" Luckily the kids slept through the whole thing and she later appologized to my wife saying she didn't even think anyone would be awake and didn't even think to close the door, I told my wife I saw everything and she was like "Oh lovely...Don't tell her that"
anyway super funny and I still giggle about it.

Jan 14, 2020

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