I broke my promise to my buddy

Gary was my best friend from 3rd grade to high school. He and I were the only two our age in our neighborhood, so we were together a lot.

The creek was our favorite place to play and his house was by the creek. We’d go to his house a lot.
I liked his mom because she was so sweet and always had something for us to eat or drink.
Gary told me his father was abusive to his mother when he was there, which wasn’t often. I can remember 3 times I saw him and he always looked mad.

She wasn’t pretty but I didn’t think she was ugly either. I thought her butt and b**** were too big, when I was a kid, but not when we got older.

I knew absolutely nothing about s** back then. Not a clue. I don’t know if Gary did, but the first time I spent the night there, he said, “watch this”, and he started playfully boxing her buns. A couple jabs on one side then one or two on the other and maybe some rapid strikes with both fists to both buns.

Somehow I knew that would not be allowed to happen at my house. I don’t know how I knew.

But Gary did it to his mom and it looked fun. So when he told me to do it, I did. And it felt good.

I quickly found out I preferred rubbing and pushing and squeezing on it with my hands a lot better than punching it.

I can’t remember Mrs. G. ever telling us to stop. I know for a fact there were times we would follow her from room to room while she did whatever she was doing, with me and Gary hot on her tail. Me rubbing one side and him punching the other.

When a tv show came on that she wanted to see, she sat in the middle of the sofa. Gary on her left and me on the right.
I just remembered, he would also rub her butt when she was sitting. We’d slide our hands under her bottom as far as we could get them and try to squeeze her with our hands.

But after dark was the very best time. That is when she would put on a short, worn-out looking, kind of see-through sleeping thing. It was pink and semi-transparent, like negligee material but there were about three layers. You could still see through it some, but not like completely. It was real low-cut and l liked her b**** a lot.

It came to just below her bottom when she was standing up. And to the top of her butt if she bent over. She wore panties you could see through in the rear but I don’t ever remember seeing the front of her panties.

I remember one night Gary telling me we could see her butt crack and her nipples, that’s what drew my attention to it. Before that, I didn’t notice.

I can still remember the sight of her very well. In fact, she’s the only person I remember from that time that I could describe in very accurate detail. If I was an artist I could draw her.

I never thought she looked bad at all. Her sweetness made her pretty to both of us.
When I would spend the night, we would cuddle next to her on the sofa. That is when I found out her b**** felt as good as her butt and they were easier to get to. Gary spent his time working on her bottom on her left side and I’d lay on my back on her right side with my head on her lap looking up at her. I’d raise my hands up and rub and caress her b****.
I don’t remember any comments ever made about it. It was as natural to us as playing a game.

I could rub her b**** for as long as she would sit there and she would usually have her right hand on me.
I can’t remember where her hand was but I remember her hand feeling very good where it touched me. I think it felt comforting, and warm.
This went on for at least 3 years.

As we got a little older we just didn’t have time for that anymore.

Then one day we met at the creek and Gary had several pornographic magazines. He found like a hundred in his dads shed. There were all kinds, but the thing we both found most interesting were the Forums, letters to the editors, and other articles that were written by regular people. Just like I’m doing now.
Ironic. I hope Gary reads this.

Of those articles, we both liked the stories about, Cheating wives, G********, MFM, or young men with moms or older women. The latter was our absolute favorite.

We were in the 7th and 8th grades when we were reading these. That’s when we found out about s**. And we started feeling sexual attraction to his mother.
We thought she might be like some of the mother’s in the stories we liked. We’d read a story and imagine her as the woman and us doing what the boys in the story did.

I remember several times he would tell his mom that we were going to be at the creek and he wanted her to come and be with us.
She always did come down at some point and she always wore a wide dress. She’d stand on the edge of the creek bank and we would look up at her.
The first time she came down she tried to hold her dress down when the wind blew. We still saw her real well. After that, she didn’t try to hold it down. She would turn around, like she was looking at something and we could see her butt really, really well.
Whenever it was a windy day, we would say, ‘got to get mom to the creek today’.

Sometimes Gary would ask her to turn around, for no reason, and she would.
We loved the sight of her ass cheeks. I did not know then that she wasn’t wearing underpants at all.
She wouldn’t stay long but it gave us a h*** of a good thrill. At that time, we thought we were being sly and she didn’t know we were looking up her dress.
Later she told me, ‘of course’ she knew it.

Gary read an article one day about a woman with the same first name as his mother, written by a man with his fathers first name. It told how the woman was having an affair with a boy by the same name as a boy 3 years older than us that was at Gary’s house a lot.

In fact, Gary’s mom would tell Gary what time he could come home on certain days. Gary was devastated at first but I got him to see the positive side of it.
We decided we would replace the other boy. Gary wanted me to promise he would be first. So I did.

We were both too chicken for a long time to do anything. In fact we had already got to the point we were too afraid to touch her at all.
And we’d get mad at ourselves and say, next time, we’re going to do it. Next time we’re going to go all the way.

But one day we went to his house after basketball practice. We wore our gym shorts and cutoff t-shirts. Nothing different than a lot of times before.

We went to the kitchen to get something to eat or drink. I don’t remember, but we sat at the table and Mrs. G had her back to us cooking something on the stove.
Her butt looked great. She had on form-fitting black stretch pants that formed a deep groove in her butt crack. I mean it was so deep it looked like you could stick your d*** all the way in it.

Gary said he had to go to the bathroom. He got up and stopped about a foot behind her and acted like he was humping on her butt.
He only did three or four thrusts, then he went on to the bathroom like nothing happened.

After he left, I heard her make a comment in a low voice that sounded like, “you don’t have the guts” which I took to mean she knew what he did and knew he didn’t have the guts to really do it.

L*** overpowered me. It’s scary now remembering how strong that power of l*** was, and had it gone wrong, I wouldn’t be writing about this. I might not be able to write at all.

I got up and walked up behind her. I had a hard-on that wanted out of my gym shorts and into the groove of her ass. I put my thumbs inside the waistband of my shorts and underpants and pushed them down to mid thigh. I took a step forward and pressed my groin against her butt with my c*** nestled into the crack of her ass.
It felt wonderful, for a few seconds. I think I even humped a little bit.

Her left hand came back and landed on my naked thigh. She slid her hand between us and wrapped it around my c***. She rubbed it up and down twice. Then she turned the stove off with her right hand and spun around to face me. Still holding my c*** in her left and now her right hand also.

I put my hands on her b**** and gently squeezed them. They felt even better than they did 4 years earlier. She pulled me by my d*** and I followed her. Shuffling my feet with the shorts around my ankles by the time we got to her bedroom, and to her bed.

I can remember every single thing that happened and the feel of everything.
Her taking her clothes off faster than I did.
Her telling me to get my clothes off, then pulling the t-shirt over my head and pulling the shorts off my feet.
My shoes stayed on.
Her lying on the bed and telling me to get on top of her.
The way it felt when she took it with her hand and started it in.
Her telling me to push it in.
Her telling me to do it harder and faster.
The exact sound the springs on her bed made.
Her legs and her arms wrapped around my back and it felt like we were like a basketball and I was trying to make us bounce.

I remember what sounded like Mrs. G and a boy talking in distorted slow motion.
I remember thinking someone was trying to dribble us, but using two hands and that’s not allowed.

I remember Gary’s face right in front of mine, distorted and yelling. I thought he was cheering me on, so I gave it even more effort. I thought I did bounce us off the bed several times.

Gary didn’t want to be friends after that, but I bounced his momma for the next year and a half. If he was there or not.
She continued to see the other boy on days I wasn’t there which made me jealous.

That was 30 years ago. I found her living in Texas and Gary lives with her. I called her and she said she would love to see me, so I’m going to visit her in a month. She didn’t know if she would tell Gary I’m coming. She thought it would be better if I just show up. I hope Gary is glad to see me come, again.

Jan 23, 2020

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