I cant stop

We’ve been married 26 years and I’ve cheated since we were dating. My husband is handsome, loving loyal. He works hard and is a perfect father to our son and daughter. He treats me with respect and defers to whatever I want to do and I want for nothing.

But…I cant help it. I’ve f***** more guys than I could even remember. I been in more than a few g********, a number of three-ways and even f***** a guy one night on anniversary after we went out for a romantic dinner. I’ve fuked two of my daughters boyfriends, spent a weekedn at a hardcore BDSM club in Montreal and I actually rent a storage pod in secret to store my untra-slutty clothes and kinky toys.

And as much as I couldnt stop and loved it afterward every time I immediately regretted what I had done, There were times I was actually sick over what I had done and nearly vomited. I’m a disgusting s*** and feel awful even as I want and plan for more c***.

Two years ago my husband became very sick with a blood disease and I ended up spending nearly all my time taking him to medical appointments and caring for him. I stopped my whoring and have been faithful for those two years. I still feel terrible, especially since he worships me for caring for him and sjowing my love. I do love him so much too. Here is the problem; I’m so overwhelmed I want to confess everything to him because I feels I owe it to him. If I do, especially now, the news would be more than he could bear. If I don’t, my guilt is consuming me. I’m such a disgusting w****, I deserve to be burned alive.

Jan 22, 2020

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  • We all have great needs. Care for him and keep doing what you need to do. don't tell him just keep going at a smart rate. Fill your needs.

  • You are where you are. You need to embrace who you are and your past and come to terms with yourself. Dumping it on hubby is unfair. If you are struggling with it, what makes you think a sick innocent will cope? It will just make him sicker. You are doing the right thing now and that is all that matters. The s*** is part of you, but you need to mentally lock her up in your shed with your toys and flash undies.

  • You don't what to tell him because you feel he deserves it... you need to understand something you are one of the most selfish people on the planet. You stole this man's life and now that you finnnnnaaaallllyyy feel guilty you want to tell him to make yourself feel better. That's the only thing you need to know to finish coasting out of this life is that you only think about yourself so stop acting on your bullshit. We could all act like you but we do our best not to in the hopes that we haven't thrown our lives away with someone like you. I honestly think you shouldn't tell him assuming he doesn't know which is more than likely he doesn't want to admit to himself what you are and that his entire like if is a joke. The best thing you can do is stop which you cant so... You should bring other women into the bedroom non-stop which you probably can't do either because that would go against the only thing that's real about you, that you're selfish beyond any shred of being a decent human being.

  • Off you f***

  • Not a w****.

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