I cant stop

We’ve been married 26 years and I’ve cheated since we were dating. My husband is handsome, loving loyal. He works hard and is a perfect father to our son and daughter. He treats me with respect and defers to whatever I want to do and I want for nothing.

But…I cant help it. I’ve f***** more guys than I could even remember. I been in more than a few g********, a number of three-ways and even f***** a guy one night on anniversary after we went out for a romantic dinner. I’ve fuked two of my daughters boyfriends, spent a weekedn at a hardcore BDSM club in Montreal and I actually rent a storage pod in secret to store my untra-slutty clothes and kinky toys.

And as much as I couldnt stop and loved it afterward every time I immediately regretted what I had done, There were times I was actually sick over what I had done and nearly vomited. I’m a disgusting s*** and feel awful even as I want and plan for more c***.

Two years ago my husband became very sick with a blood disease and I ended up spending nearly all my time taking him to medical appointments and caring for him. I stopped my whoring and have been faithful for those two years. I still feel terrible, especially since he worships me for caring for him and sjowing my love. I do love him so much too. Here is the problem; I’m so overwhelmed I want to confess everything to him because I feels I owe it to him. If I do, especially now, the news would be more than he could bear. If I don’t, my guilt is consuming me. I’m such a disgusting w****, I deserve to be burned alive.

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