It felt right

After his dad left it's just been me and my 20yo son,I'm 37 and like to dress nice and he tells me i should even if it's just around the house,I was just about to leave for work when he came past me and put his hand on my bum,he said it was accidental,I came home he done it again i said that's twice now he said well you do have a nice ass,all i said was ok and went to get changed when i turned round i seen him walk away from my door,I wanted to try something the next morning to she what he would do,I put my short robe on and waited in the kitchen next thing he put his hand on my bum again but this time said that's a great view to see in the morning,he said tonight put something nice on and i will take you out,I felt ashamed as i pleasured myself after,we went out that night i was wearing a tight dress to show my bum of and cleavage with stockings and suspenders,a little flirting but when we got in the door that's when things went f****** crazy, kissing naked i only had my stockings and suspenders on, looking at his d*** had to be over 8inc bigger than his dad's,he turned me around facing the wall,as he was f****** me he was saying ive been waiting years for this,he started to f*** me aggressively holding my arms behind my back,then in the living room f****** me bent over the sofa, after it looked like i had 2 black eyes makeup was a mess,t*** red from him grabbing and squeezing them,ass cheeks red to,and f****** c** in my hair,and he looked pleased with himself as he layed there getting his breath back,in the last 3 months ive had better s** than i did in the years with his dad.

Feb 26, 2020

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  • Let him come in

  • That similar to what happened with me and mom after dad left. I pleasure her like he never did or could.

    10 years and we are still f****** like animals. Bareback of course and c****** in her. She been knocked up twice now. We have 2 daughters.

    I was 17 when it started mom was 36.

  • So you are thier father and thier brother
    This is wierd . I'm guessing your from the south . Where you marry your sister or mother .

  • Keep it going, you obviously are enjoying yourself.

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