Bring on the covid

That I think that we should just let covid pass through the population. It’ll be with us eventually and isn’t too deadly. It seems to only kill the most health compromised. This isn’t airborne Ebola. The damage the panic is causing is becoming worse than the actual virus.

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  • As long as you are on the surviving end right? This has killed A six week old infant and a 102 year old women survived it. This nightmare has killed young and old, fat or thin people. What if you get it and give it to your friends and family and some of them die from it. POS

  • I THINK IT'S HILARIOUS that there's an uptick in the 20 and 30somethings getting sick and starting down the path of compromised health. What's the matter darlings, your youth didn't save you? You can't just smugly walk off not being able to breathe? You have heart issues now? Awww, so sad. We saw how you were when you thought you were immune-- if you think you're getting an ounce of comfort from any of us now, you're even more delusional than you look! GET DEAD FUCKTARDS!! Ha!

  • Heart damage, bowel damage, lung damage, strokes, chilblains, kids dying from a weird version of it...

    ...but remember, it's "just the flu."

    If you're stupid enough to believe that, go out and catch it on purpose so you can get over it quicker. If you die, the rest of the world wins.

  • As long as you don't get it and die from it Right s**** everyone else let it go thru as long as you don't get it!

  • This right here.

    Every young person and MAGAtard who "needs" to make an ass of themselves on the beaches or at the bars should be barred from all hospitals. You want your "freedom"? You got it. What you WON'T do is get sensible people sick. Go find an open field to enjoy the last few minutes of your "freedom", then improve this world by leaving it while gasping and crying. Your body might make good fertilizer for that field, so at least in death you'll finally contribute something worthwhile.

  • We r locked at homes due to this s** t from china

  • Dirty yellow f****** s

  • Do some research and find out where the "Spanish" flu came from, fucktard.

  • The true character of youngins is really showing during this pandemic. That group that is always shrieking about how "we care SO MUCH about racism and sexism and social justice" don't even attempt to hide their next-level contempt of anyone who falls outside -their- "groups to 'care' about." How "woke" of them!

    Well, there are plenty of us healthy people over 25. And we WILL remember. Watch your backs from now on, kids.

  • OOPS. Looks like kids and younger people *can* get just as sick, or even sicker.

    Of course, that means they did the world's fastest 180, from acting smug to whinging and pi$$ing themselves in utter fear. It's funny watching them waste their time seeking comfort from those they were so happily abandoning to fate three minutes previously.

    And if you live? Maybe you'll have a stroke, or permanent heart or bowel damage! You can be dilapidated "old" people possibly before you can legally drink! Now THAT would be funny!!

  • Remember that Charlottesville a****** who drove his car through a crowd? I think we should start doing that with groups of kids. If they think it's cute and funny to compromise other people's lives, I say we return the favor!!

  • Lets do that with everybody who is being stupid!!! This virus isnt getting rid of them fast enough!!!

  • I have a burning itch in my r*****. Anyone know if I have Covid19?

  • Ask your momma to kiss it better

  • It will pass through eventually, but taking precautions will slow down it's progress, allowing hospitals to save as many as they can. If we allow it to flow through unchecked, the number of sick could overwhelm the health care system, causing people to needlessly die who could have otherwise been saved, simply because there is no equipment left to save them with. Letting nature "take it's course" sounds well and good until it's you or your children on the chopping block.

  • It doesn’t affect children

  • Wrong It has killed children and even a 6 week old baby died from this horrible virus. It has killed healthy across the board as well . Doctors and nurses have died from this while trying to save lives.


    ^That's for everyone who only started taking it seriously when kids and babies started dying. I think I'll spend this weekend thinking up Covid-themed dead baby jokes. Just for those kinds of people. LOLOLOLOLOL

  • It's true that symptoms are mild for MOST children, but there are still children being affected.

  • Pandemics and natural disasters are scary, but they can be dealt with.

    It's the stupid, selfish, panicky, and/or swindling herd of two-legged cows that's the real problem.

  • Yes, also theres too many of us

  • To many unclean Muslims and chinks more like! And whats with them in Africa too bone idol to wipe the flies off their eyes?!!!

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