Getting felt up on the underground

Hi, this happened pre lockdown, but just found this site. If you know London, you know that at peak times the tube is rammed, people are body to body, everyone is touching. This of course means you sometimes feel something against your bum or another part of your body, and you can't be too sure if you are being groped or its someone's bag. I think most the time it's a hand, I don't mean to brag but I have quite a nice a*** ha ha. It's small but round, and I don't mind guys checking me out so often where quite figure hugging trousers, jeans, dresses etc, so I also get groped, and I have got used to it.
This day, tube is mega packed, and I am feeling squashed, I was heading home from the gym and had yoga pants on so was kinda expecting a grope. When it happend I was like, oh, there it is. I could tell it was a finger not a bag. Normally I would move but I decided to just see what happened. At first it was light touches, testing if I would notice, then he got more brave, his hands stroked my bum cheeks, still I didn't move, then to my shock, his finger went between my legs. I am luck enough to have the fashionable 'gap' and I had quite a wide stance for balance. Intrigue led me to let it happen, and he got quite brave stroking what was my embarrassingly sweaty crotch. Clearly I was making his day, letting him do this, and ashamed as I am of it it arroused me quite a bit. Then the train jolted and his hand slammed in to my bum, I had to turn around, and he had to apologise. I looked down and he was clearly hard in his trousers, and it looked like maybe there was a wet patch, he may have c** his pants (there was a pause before the jolt). I just turned back around.
When I got home I was pretty h****. I basically jumped my boyfriend for sweaty s** before a shower, he will never know that it was a sad man on the tube that had made me want it. I'm Kat btw 26 from South London

May 29, 2020

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  • I've been 'jumped' by my gf after stuff like that has happened. My wife isn't too shy to admit she misses those days

  • LOL, sorry Canadian wrong London

  • So i got lucky well my well i guess my mom, you have of the right words to go there and Kat American? And why the fck does Belgium smell so bad ??? Do they not shower ???

  • I once we to a concert in Toronto st the old CNE stadium. Me and a friend stood in general admission. We were both 15 years old. I was wearing a pair of adidas track pants, the old style that had the styrops that go under your feet inside of your shoes. As the concert began we finagled our way pretty close to the stage. I began to feel some grinding behind me. Didn’t pay much attention to it, until I felt a pair of hands on my hips. It was all acceptable but being a 15 year old h**** teenager I had to glance back and see who it was. I could see It was clearly a girl with long dirty blond hair. She was probably in her 20’s or 30’s. I couldn’t see her face as I would of had to turn completely around, and didn’t want to do anything to disrupt what was going on. I put my hands on top of hers and swayed to the music trying not to let my buddy notice. Slowly I pulled her hands towards my front until she could feel my erection that by this point was full grown. She did not pull her hands back. I continued to guide them down the front of my pants. By this point there was no hiding what was going on from my friend who was quite a bit less physically mature than myself. Her hands at this point were jerking me off from inside my pants (skin on skin), my hands were on on top of hers, applying pressure and encouraging her to not pull out or stop but outside my pants as I was still trying to be somewhat discrete.

    After a few minutes I e********* all over her hands and she immediately pulled her hands out. After a few minutes of shame, I reached back around and felt for her hand and placed them back in my hips, trying for another round. Bring 15 that would have been totally possible. She was reluctant to go back in but continued to sway for the rest of the show. I didn’t see her face until the lights went on after the show. Not a word was spoken but I’ll never listen to Supertramp Overture the same way again!

  • I would have loved to do that to you too

  • OMG, if you wear a short shirt you will get fingered during Mardi Gras Brit that's New Orleans happened 6 times !!!! Even yubetube has it,

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