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Several years ago when my man was out of town I. on a whim, decided to go to a upscale hotel lounge to relax and see if I had still had it. I wore a short skirt, high heels and low cut top. Oh I am blonde, 5
3" with natural 38D's. A few men did check me out but did not stop at my table. Then this well dressed good looking black stopped and asked if he could buy me a drink, said yes and invited him to sit. We chit chatted, then offered to buy me supper!! Over our meals the subject turned to ** he asked if I ever had a black man, said no. Well he asked if I would join him in his suite for some wine, said sure. He left then a few minute later I went to his room. Did not want to draw attention with me walking with him, espically the way I was dressed.
Yes we ended up have **, must say it was great. He asked if he could see again when he was in town, said yes. I never thought I would ever see him again, wrong. He did call about every 2 weeks and I would get out of the house and meet him at his hotel, great **.
One time he called to meet him, told me what to wear and no bra or ** confused but did it. When I got to his room there were 2 other black men there!!! Told me get undressed slowly and show them what they bought. WTF I said, I am not a **. He said yes I was and had videos of him and I.
So I danced like he said then got in bed and had a ** with the 2.
After that he would call tell me what hotel and take care of the client. Yes he got paid for me but the client would tip me. The man I was dating does not know about this

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  • Have yourself tested for aids, it’s still around you know

  • Has your man ate you out after they ** and not know by been ** ?

  • It's sexual abuse , you didn't know of the photo or video. And he Threatened you with it. That's enough to involve the police and stop pimping you out. No means no.

  • Fantasyland😍

  • Thats nasty but who am i to judge.

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