No respect for the LGBTQ, never from me or my Conservatives Kin

I confess that the LGBTQ have lost my total respect for them, they are liars, thief’s,Rapists,Child molesters and murderers towards making adolescents commit suicide for confusing them on their Sexual identity. And believe me that before my life ends, I’m gonna murder not one member of the LGBTQ community, I’m gonna murder several of them, I will not mutilate any of them, I’ll just snap there necks like a thin dry twig With my left arm, and make them cross over to the other world whole. The reason they are on my s*** list is because most of them are now on the side of the Liberals, what they don’t know about the Liberals is that the Liberals have murdered and killed more gay people than the Conservative crowd, If I remember correctly that Hitler was a Liberal, and most White Supremacists such as the KKK were Liberals, in fact it was liberals who hanged gay people and Jews and black people. So in a way the LGBTQ community have no friends in society, the liberals are only using them too push their own agenda of making the west a weaker place for all real men and real women.


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  • Ok Boomer

  • Is that the brainless stock answer for anyone who disagrees with precious little you? It's already beyond done. Come up with a better indication that your darling little fee-fees have taken a hit.

  • Whatever, QAnontard. I'm not a fan of having LGBT+ shoved down my throat either, but the ones who do their thing and aren't shrill about it are fine. I feel the exact same way about trailer-dwelling fucktards too, btw. So do a mirror check before popping off again, Cletus.

  • I can't believe I just read this crap. Someone shoot me now.

  • You realize that they are liberal because then it was liberal who hurt them but now it is conservative.

  • Easy boy, learn tolerance before you find yourself harming anyone.
    Factually, much what you said is true, but two wrongs don't make a right

  • You people are not born this way. Stop lying

  • Hahaha. I love satire. No one could really think this way.

  • When are you going to leave your wife

  • Thinking implies intelligence, so technically you're right. But there are plenty of people who behave this way, they're not even trying to hide anymore.

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