The psychology of Chinese animal torture

I've read that one of the reasons the Chinese torture domesticated animals to death before cooking them is to make sure the meat is flush with adrenaline. Supposedly this improves the flavor but also is said to improve male Chinese virility. So, to all you psychologists out there, amateur or otherwise, what are the Chinese compensating for? Yes, the Chinese men allegedly have very small penises, Yes, they are generally an ugly, pie faced race. Yes, they act superior but they must know deep inside that they are the opposite. Given their predilection to copy designs, steal intellectual property, invasively propagate their philospophy on US campuses, transgress on neighbors, permitting the abortion of female babies by drowning, imprisonment of groups based on their religion, and to repeatedly contaminate the world with deadly viruses...they must have at least an inkling of what a blight on the planet they are. Is all this then, why they allow, institutionalize, and celebrate animal torture?


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  • Small eyes
    Small minds
    small testes
    When USA start bombing
    nobody gone miss they ass

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