Cheating, nearly killed and look where i am

So I was dating a boy for 2 years and everything was going good until he asked if we could have kids. I was only 17 at the time and still in high school. I had said no and he broke things off and two days later he had left me for a friend of mine. I was very heart broken and didn't go to school the next 4 days. when I wnet back everyone had knew that me and the boy had broken up. but he told everyone that he had broken up with me because I had apparently been cheating on him for a college boy. the drama was getting very out fo hand and a lot of lies were being told. I finally gave up and decided to move to my dads house which was in another country. before I started at the new school I had blocked everyone of my social media as lies were being posted on peoples storys etc. the first day was very nerve wracking as I was scared of people finding out the drama at my old school. for my second class I had gotten lost and ran into a boy named sam. he showed me around and gotten a detetion just because he wanted me to get to class early. after 5 months of the new school me and sam had gotten together. when my mum had told my ex boyfriends mum that I had meant a really nice guy. she told my ex which leaded him finally out were I was. he came into my class in the middle of the night and tried to kill me cause he didn't like the thought of me with sam. my mum had walked into my room where he was about to stab me. she called the police and he was forced to spend 20 years in jail for attempted murder. after 10 months of being with sam I had fallen pregnant. I had a baby girl and I have just finshed my studying for law school. having a kid while studying was really hard but sam stuck by me the whole time. I am so grateful that the rumor did start because this wouldn't happen if I didn't move

Jul 3, 2020

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