Sexually Harassed by Family Member

19 year old male, living at home with mom & dad (45) and my 16 year old sister.

I think that I've been sexually harrased by my dad (recovering alcoholic). When I was 17 or 18 he gave me two giant wet kisses on the neck in a row when my mom was a few feet away (distracted on her damn phone) and I ran away freaking out that my father gave me a love bite before a pretty blond girl could. To this day I hate the kissing sound because it reminds me of what my dad did to me. He's given me pecks on the neck a few times since and I yelled at him. He has done it in front of my mom most of the time. I could never bring it up to her. They're the only family I have.

He'll graze his crotch up against me every couple months. I'm a guy and I know that a male is aware of where their crotch is and where it goes. My old pediatrician did the same to me too. When I was little my dad would hold my ass when for a few minuets when he would tuck me in when I was little.

He went through a faze where we would stroke my feet and hold onto them. My sister (16) told me that he kissed her feet once. My dad also kicked me in the butt once or twice and his toes went in my ass. I think thats why I hate foot; My sister was having a sleep over once and I saw the bottom of her friends foot when she was sitting on the couch and my stomach turned.

I have no idea what the f*** is going on. I've had a creepy guy look in my underwear when I was 8, a woman groap me in the NYC subway, someone craze their d*** up against me on the train, a guy at school grab my ass, my pediatrician be a creep, and the s*** with my dad. I would tell my new(ish) therapist (talk over the phone now).

Note: I don't think he's actually my biological dad. I took a dna test and I was 50% western European (Mom) and than hebrew, North African, and Mediterranean which makes no f****** sense. Mom must have been f****** someone else in spring of 20000

I've been sexually harassed by 4 men and one woman in my whole life. Being good looking has its drawbacks.

My dad has seen his parents twice in 12 years so I've always assumed that something f***** up happened to him. Advice in the comments welcomed. Be honest but civil.

Jul 17, 2020

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  • But cody like to f*** blaine’s mom..please

  • I'm sicka cody

  • I'm so sorry those things happened to you, and I hope you can find a way to get over it, if "getting over" is even possible. But please PLEASE don't minimize or dismiss it by calling it or thinking of it as "harrassment". What happened to you was more than mere harrassment: it was outright molestation. The difference between the two and the significance of the distinction is that the first of those two things is misbehavior, while the second is a crime. I'm very VERY pleased to know that you are already connected with a counselor and are openly discussing it. That fact alone displays great wisdom and maturity and foresight and strength on your part. I hope you'll stay the course and continue the treatment. That will pay you huge emotional dividends in the future. Again, I'm sorry that you've been vctimized, but happy that you recognized the need for professional help. May God bless and illuminate your path going forward.

  • Thank you for your kind words. But there is no way that I could ever bring this up with my therapist

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