8yo son wanted to try thong underwear.. kids are weird!

I(26f) gave my son $100 to spend on amazon for clothes and about an hour later he brings my laptop into the kitchen and says “can I get these instead of regular underwear?”.. I looked and he really found boys thong underwear on some weird website and wanted me to buy it 😂 I thought he was joking at first but he wasn’t so I told him I KNEW he wasn’t going to like having underwear up his butt crack.. but he still wanted them so I made a deal with him and said “ okay I’ll order them but if you end up not liking them you have to wear one around the house for an entire day because we can’t return those..”
(He has no problem wearing briefs around the house but has never done it for an entire day lol) He was a hundred percent sure he was going to love this underwear....
Several days later and you know what he doesn’t like? ...The underwear we ordered!!! He just wanted to throw $$$ away apparently!!
But now he really thinks I’m gonna make him wear one around the house and I’m loving every minute of it 😭😂💕
*I wasn’t serious but should I make him go through with his end of the deal??

The funniest thing to do would be to let you guys decide! 💀
I could have him sit down and read through this later if it’s not too bad lol.



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  • He's got to keep his end of the deal

  • He's h

  • Phew no incest and pedo thing here

  • No just abusing her son.

  • So are you going to tell us he has to wear only his underwear but no pants around the house? I a'm asking that not accusing you! Really how much did those underwear cost? Is it worth putting your child in that position? You can't return the other new pairs that he didn't wear? What did you child do that needed punishment? You never bought something you didn't like? If you knew he would not like them why did you order them or more then one pair for him to try on? Just one more question, are you the one who wrote about purposely sewing his cup in incorrectly to make him feel uncomfortable? Thats another post here about a mom abusing her son If you didn't write it.

  • This is how one learns! Good mom.

  • Absolutely ma'am.

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