I forced my husband into chastity now i have total control on him

I just want to spit it out of my system.so my husband and i were having an ok s** life.i was satisfied but not totally,he was normally more like the dominat one but i wanted to do that to him.then in the internet i came across chastity devices.I loved i mean loved the idea of having control over his orgasams and i noticed That his d*** gets erect really fast so that would also be fun, i thought.i even masturbated thinking about it.Then one day i ordered it and it came and i hid it and went to my husband ,i showed him a few p*** videos and slowly took it to chastity .I told i thought that was brilliant and i would want to try it.He said he didn’t know about it,I immediately said “why do u want to use your d*** on some other women .”he said no.i said then why not .he didn’t say anything i acted like i was supper p***** .He said ok i will give it a try .so the next day i showed him the device (it was tiny about 1.9 inches,but as i said about our s** life his was not that big his erect was about 3.5 inches at max) then i locked him ur i put the key in my bra .2 days pass and he says he is sort of comfortable in it,then tells me to remove it cause he wants to m********* or have s** i said no(it felt like heaven to say no)he pleaded i said i would throw away the lock if he argued he just stopped arguing(wow just wow few words made him shut up) those two nights his d*** was trying so hard to get out of it (i enjoyed it) then for a week i showed him other femdom p*** stuff(ballbusting,foot licking,rimjob,peeing on slaves) i noticed his d*** trying to get out during that.he said he would be ok trying that stuff.Then after a week he comes to me and pleads me litterally pleads me to open it .So i say ok i will let u out only if u lick my legs for half an hour and lick my p**** for one and i kick him in the ball three times he disagrees but after some time agrees .(this power really wow) so i orgasam a couple of times and i didn't know but i really liked kicking him too then i removed it and edged him for half an hour and had the most wonderful s** i ever had.And this continued i increased the number of kicks slowly and since the last time he is in his chastity for a month now his b**** are full.So it ended nicely.i often scold him saying small d**** don’t get to c** and stuff i love to humiliate him I didn’t know i had this in me (i would love to see replies)

Aug 8, 2020

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  • Miss has me in chastity. It is no longer my c***, it belongs to her. I do not get to touch it anymore. The only o***** I get is a ruined one. If she wants to be f***** we use a strap on. Otherwise it's my tongue that will used to make her c**

  • Would like to hear suggestions on what to do with BF if he removes his lock with out my permission.

  • The


  • Not cool to have him in chastity without his consent. this sounds like a fantasy story at best but on the off chance it's not, seek help.

  • Well at first he didn’t agree and now he totally does whenever i let him leave the cage after masturbating he willingly goes back in

  • My wife locked me in chastity for two years solid before she found a doctor that would castrate me for free if she let him have me as his slave. I havent been feminized at all in any way,Master enjoys seeing me humiliated by making me live as a male still exposed to everyone who sees me as his s** slave .If I was feminized people wouldnt recognize me but since im not everyone recognizes me and I am forced to tell them how I am living with this man as his submissive gay s** toy .Since I have become his slave he has also removed my nasty little p**** so now the only way I can have an o***** is when Master or other men he allows to f*** my sissy ass hard and for a long time.

  • I would love to have a Master and be forced to be His s** slave.

  • I wish I knew how to introduce chastity to my wife.

  • Try just asking her. You might be surprised. If you can, show her some pages about a female led relationship, and then gradually turn the subject to cages. That is what worked for me. I am now in chastity, and dressed as a female servant most of the time. She loves it. Next step chuck.

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