The other day I thought I was home alone, 48, 5' 3", 135 lbs, C's and my husband was at work, My kids were at school and I had a shower, I got out and cleaned up around the house, I was just hanging out in my around home clothes, Sweats and a t-shirt, no bra and sat down to watch a show, It was late morning and I was feeling a bit frisky, I was going to wait for my husband but after a bit I decided to just take care of it myself.
I went to the closet, dug out my shoe box of toys and grabbed my go to ones, Hopped into bed and had a solo session, I was face down, just finished, Nice and loud, talking dirty with my newest toy turned backwards so the c*** tickler was on my other hole, One nip clamp on (the other fell off) and I pulled my toy out and flopped down on my side and...OH F. my step son, 16 is standing in my doorway, D*** in hand stroking, I jump up, Say "No, No, No" and he came, I pushed him out of my room as he stared at me in the buff, One nip clamp still on and closed the door.
So...Here I am in my room, Door closed and just got caught by my step son, When he came he did so across my foot so I am naked, On my knees, cleaning up my step sons come off my bedroom carpet after wiping it off my foot. He knocks on the door and I say "Do not", I clean up, Get my clothes on and go out to the living room, First I give him s*** for not being at school and he tells me he got sent home for swearing in class, then I give him s*** for watching me and for coming on my floor.
All in all a very awkward conversation and the whole time he stared at my nips through my shirt, I tell him I won't tell his dad and he thanks me, Yup, Actually said thank you and then he slinks off downstairs, I go down after a bit to get some laundry and hear the shower running, I take a little listen at the door and he is very obviously jerking it in the shower. since then every time I am around him he has a b**** and is constantly checking me out. So awkward.



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  • Wish I had an attractive mom who would let me f*** her.

  • Maybe you should try to talk with him about masturbation and explain that it's normal. It is obvious that he has some sexual feelings for you and I think you for him. May be one day you had him can m********* together and with each other. Then maybe you two can have s**. What better place for a teen to learn than from mom at home

  • I'm confident you,'re son would f*** you if you.let him..
    He was obviously excited to see your naked body and m********* over you.
    You haven't said but what colour is your hair and do you shave your c*** ?

  • Lucky lad.
    When I was sixteen my num was 48yrs old, 5ft4", brunette with 34B t*** and a proper hairy f**** that fascinated me.
    I watched my mum undressing most nights with out her knowledge.
    I'd usually be sniffing a pair of her dirty knickers as I watched her .
    I really wanted to f*** my mum.
    Her knickers smelt wonderful having been round her f**** all day and to find some of her long curly pubes was a bonus.
    I finally confessed to mum when was 28 and mum was sixty.
    Mum said she suspected when her dirty knickers kept disappearing the re appearing. She said it excited her knowing that her son was probably wanking over her .
    I replied that she'd told me that at the time.
    I then said "Mum now that I've confessed can I gave a proper look now ?
    "Will you show me your f**** please ?"
    After pausing for thought mum obliged and looked as good as ever.

  • Get it over with and f*** him

  • I know that is embarrassing, but understand that is common and normal. It doesn't take away from embarrassment but with mixed families it's much more common than you think. I know

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