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Yesterday was my nephews wedding, It was held at a local resort community on a lake, Everyone got a little twisted at the reception and my daughter had already headed to bed since they had begun drinking earlier in the day, My son in law who I love to death had stayed later and him (25) and I (43) were walking together back to our rented cabins which were side by side. We were talking as we walked and then he said he had to take a leak so he went behind a tree, I normally would never have looked but with a very bright moon and a clear sky and him being drunk he wasn't hidden as well as he may have thought.
He said something and I didn't even think, I just turned and WHAM, Yup, Got an eyeful of his....Weiner, He's huge. Anyway he finished up and we continued walking and were a block from our cabins and I had to stop, My feet were killing me and I sat down on a big rock out in front of a cabin, Since I was very wobbly He helped me to take my shoes off and he had maybe copped a feel of my feet and maybe even my ankles, I don't really know but as we got ready to continue on our way we could hear some sounds, A couple cabins down someone was obviously getting it on and as we passed the cabin the bedroom window faces the street and the blinds were not all the way closed and we could see the outline of someone.
So we both looked, I got embarassed and he stopped, I turned and looked at him and said "Hey", He said "Oh come on, tell me you don't want to take a peek", I said "No" and he tilted his head looking at me, I said "Noooo" and he walked right over to the edge of the property, I went over and whispered "This is terrible, Come on" and then I looked, From that angle you could see right in and You could see a topless girl on her knees and a guy standing in front of her as she sucked him, I whispered "Oh my god, I am leaving" and he followed me.
We got to our cabins and he offered me a drink so we sat on my front patio and had a beer, He made a comment about what we had seen and I slipped up and said something about too many things being seen and told him he wasn't as well hidden behind the tree as he thought, He just chuckled and said "Oh, Good thing I am not shy", My feet had been killing and I had put one on his lap and he was rubbing it, I know, A very bad situation but we were drunk and he mentioned something again about the sights we had seen and said something about seeing me one time, I said "What???".
He laughed and told me 3 years ago he had been at my house and had gone out to the garage to get something and my garage is behind my house facing the alley, He was on his way back to the house and I had walked out of my attached bathroom naked, My curtains were open and he said he saw everything, I said "Uhh, How long were you out there?", He said "Ahem, Uh, Well, I uh" and I said "Well, I am sure it was not a great sight" and he said "Why do you think I married your daughter, She is a smoke show and looks almost identical to you...In every way", I said "Oh my goodness" and he said "Don't worry, You have a great body" and I said "Well, Thanks I guess" and he kept going on, He said "I will say...Haha, Having only had one kid compared to three....Your b**** are fantastic", I said "Oh my...Uh...Ok" and then he said "Aaaand I can't not tell you that for the past 15 minutes the street light has been casting the perfect beam of light up your dress". I gasped and pulled my foot away putting my feet down and he giggled saying "sorry", I said "seriously?" and he said "Yeah, Uh, You have a beautiful p****".
I normally never go anywhere without underwear but the dress I had chosen had shown my underwear very obviously and my daughter had told me it looked awful, She went to her suitcase and got me a barand new thong she had bought and I put it on and she said it was better so I was going to wear it, Well...10 minutes of that and I had peeled that thing off and left it in my room, I don't know how anyone wears those so I knew he had been staring straight at my v***** for the last 15 minutes.
I said "Ooookkkkaaaayyyyy, I am going in and got up, He went back to their cabin and I went to bed completely embarrassed. Today should be super awkward and unfun.

Aug 18, 2020

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  • Wow! I can’t believe you didn’t allow him in your cabin.

    I would have shown him that older women are better lovers and would have rocked his world

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