Why me?

I really hate men.
Why me?
When i was young my mom was at work my dad use to molest me. In 4rth grade during recess to boys caught me in bathroom and pulled my pants down.
I grew up was out with my bf at time and got really drunk and ended up with some guys house and couldn’t remember anything but knew I had been raped.
I have always been a easy target and don’t understand why. No my husbands best friend
Comes around all the time when he’s at work.
He don’t even ask he just comes over like I want him too and f**** me and leaves. I don’t know why I let him. He has been doing this for along time over a year. He tells me how sexy I am and how nice my ass looks. He’s married and always tells me when I ask him why when he wants to f*** he says you make me h****.
I always give him what ever he wants so he will leave and no one will catch us.
Sometimes I want to be caught. I

Aug 22, 2020

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  • This is a common issue with women who get molested at a young age...

  • I was, and this isn't an issue for me.
    Nor is using proper English.
    I'd say this is more about intelligence than about being female.

  • This is a very odd story. Do you enjoy him s******* you? If not, then don't let him into your house. Simple.

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