Discovered my 19 year old daughter’s secret

My 19 year old daughter was in a car wreck last month and unconscious for two days. We’re fortunate she’s alive. At first, the doctors were hesitant to offer good news. She finally woke up but needs a lot of physical therapy.
Since it was a head on collision, the driver of the other car quickly got a lawyer and accused our daughter of texting while driving. We unlocked her phone so the police could check it out. Thankfully, she wasn’t texting but my husband and I noticed she’s a member of two ‘dating’ sites and has a secret paypal account with a large balance. We discovered numerous messages and texts asking for **. Each request was detailed & to the point. She’d also agreed to numerous requests for unprotected ** or ** acts for a higher price and extra ‘tip’! Her ‘eagerness to please’ along with a firm amount shocked us both! Each message ended with both parties agreeing to consensual ** for an amount. We scrolled her paypal history and counted anonymous deposits ranging from $200 to $500. It only took us 3 months to reach 100.
This is slowly making sense. She’s always been healthy and last year, she was going to a walk-in clinic and her OB-GYN a lot. Her excuse was a yeast infection she couldn’t shake.
My husband and I are glad she’s alive, she is an adult but for her health we’re struggling how to discuss this with her.
I do not feel comfortable discussing with any of my friends.

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