I keep getting juged

Alot of things has happened when I was younger and I'm still working through it. I've posted about it before on here but I feel like I need to share this to. Almost everyday whenever I wear something that I think I look cute in I always get judged saying I look like a "**" "**" "**" and I won't even be wearing something that bad. I hate it so much it always makes me cry. Because of things that just a few months ago got out I've been getting judged more by family. I hate it. Because now when they say ** like that I feel disgusting and that feeling of him touching my body comes back. It makes me cry. I ** hate it so much.

Jan 29

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  • You arent getting judged... they care and feel you dont care about what ever it was happened-
    Do not talk or reveal what happened or how you "feel about it"-Go up to them and just say, I see it your way now and depart-If they give you lip as to how to "make up for it" throw all ideas in the trash because that is the begining of a vicious cycle of never ever undoing the past and usuary at best-

  • Be strong and own who you are. There is confidence that no one can take from you, but you have to believe in yourself.

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