Impregnated a widow

I live in a small village with a population of less then 300 people.

Everyone knows each other and all are friends.

My neighbour is a 42 year old widow with two sons ages 19 and 21. Her hubby died when she was almost 9 months pregnant with youngest son. I am 32 and because she was my neighbour I helped with chores around her home and often visited for a coffee or to eat some of her delicious cakes and biscuits. She is a cook at a institution.

One night when her kids were staying at their cousins for the weekend we were alone. I do not know how it happened we began kissing and necking. I started to remove her clothes along with her help. She told me she never made love since death of her hubby 20 years ago. She was desperate for some loving. We had s**. She is plump 5'3" and 180 lb. Big breast.

Anyway for Ten minutes all sound was moaning ,flesh slapping flesh and bed squeaking. I c** my load in her.
Everyone in the village was wondering who father of her baby was . She was not dating or did she have a man in her life.

Soon it was out that I was the father. Embarrassing for us both.
I moved in with her and now we are mom and dad of 15 month baby boy.

Sep 12, 2020

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  • Congratulations! What a lucky lady

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