I hate Islam

Muslims are by far the craziest and overzealous in defending their religion next to Christianity. I have only seen Muslims and Christians actively trying to convert others and preach to others about the greatness of their religion even as far as telling people of other faith why their religion in ferior to theirs. Muslims do this a lot. In their open religious sermons during maghrib every sundown on Friday, you could hear the religious leader preaching in the mosque how other religions are inferior to Islam and is the true religion and other religion must be 'diminished' by pulling people into Islam, use force if need be.
I have never seen such a hateful religion that teaches it's followers to 'kill the non-believers', treat women like a pile of garbage and spread a large scale hate.
What if I told you Islam is the largest, most successful CULT out there? You heard me, Islam is not a religion. It is a cult.

One guy out of nowhere says he spoke with God in a f****** cave. In our times, that guy would be put in a mental institution. And if you read Muhammad's biography, the dude's life is a s**** up since he was born. I say Muhammad suffered from a severe mental illness that caused him to adopt a despotic view of himself so as to trick himself, thinking he has a sense of control over his life. Muslims are adhering to the words of a MADMAN.

Sadly, most Muslims are too brainswashed to the point that they dont realize this. Their religion is a virulent one.
I mean COME ON, dude had SEVEN WIVES, the last one being a 6 year old girl. SIX YEARS OLD. He sent a letter to a Roman emperor THREATENING him that he would go to h*** if he does not embrace Islam. Like, seriously?

If you are a Muslim and you read this, sorry to say your ass had been living a lie for the longest time. Islam is a cult founded by a madman and you fell for it.
Sorry but you're an idiot if you think Islam is beautiful.
No, it's not.

ps: I believe in God, but I do not name my God as Jesus, Allah, Baghwan, Yahweh or s*** like that. I believe that God is out there he never asked us to debate which version of God is the best.

Feb 10, 2013

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  • Thats the funniest s*** I've heard all f****** day. I'm a 12 year old Muslim and everything u just said were actually incorrect SORRY IDIOT! First of all Allah means god in Arabic duh, if ur gonna go and criticize Islam, at the very least know what your writing and if they are correct or not. OMG, You say he has seven wives, yet you dont care about the fact that white a**** like you have 14 wives and act like they need more. You white ppl have s** all day long too. And that was not her age at marriage. That is, if your talking about Ayesha. And I've been to the masjid before. I know what goes on b****. And that... dosent. IN THE BOOK OF OUR F*****' LORD, WE ARE TOLD TO TREAT WOMEN NICER THEN EVER. DAMN U MAKE ME SO MAD BECAUSE THIS ALL ALL WRONG! Also, We are not sup[posed to kill the non-believers. Allah will take care of them and whatever they do. ALLAH DECIDES!!!!!! AND THATS JUMAHAH NOT A FRICKIN SERMON! THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. ITS JUST DUAS AND SPEECHES. YO WOULDNT KNOW, WHITE CAFID(That is NOT an insult... but I wont tell you what it means, hehe!!) I hope you go to jahanam (once again, wont tell)

  • Islam IS a religion and a cult! Guess what, all religions are cults. They are just older "well respected" cults. Yes the word Islam means submission... it is submission to God, the core ethos of what it is to be Muslim. More controversially, it can also be thought of as slavery. Some scholars argue that this means Islamic societies are based on the a slaves culture, slavery to God. It is true that Islam is more militant than Christianity. Christianity teaches to "turn the other cheek" (not that this stopped Christian rulers/societies from being violent/militant in the past). But, soon after its founding/revelation Big Mo and his followers had to defend themselves from more powerful tribes/groups hostile to them, and as a result there is less restriction against violence in its teachings. It is a consequence of its development. Its been a while since I reviewed this material, but if I remember correctly Muhammad only had 4 wives (more are permitted, but he advises to stop at 4 for the sake of domestic harmony... women quarrel he claimed), and the 4th, his favorite was very young, but they only got married when he was very old, and they never consummated the marriage... as was custom he promised the father to wait until she was 16, but he either died or was in too poor health to do so at the time. Islam certainly has a bad track record with its treatment of women, but so does any paternalistic religion/society. During the original Islamic conquests their leaders preferred fewer conversions for fiscal reasons (Christian and Jewish groups were allowed to exist, so long as they agreed to pay a poll tax), but its true that Islam has built in mechanisms to induce conversion (non-Muslims are not allowed to marry muslim women, women who marry muslim men automatically become muslim, as are any children). It is true that some modern Islamic sects and the teachings of some imams are very missionary in nature (global islamic umma via conversion).

  • "I believe in God, but I do not name my God as Jesus, Allah, Baghwan, Yahweh"

    Allah is not a name. It literally just means "The God" in Arabic.
    Same as "Yahweh" means God in Herbrew. Islam is not a religion, it means submission. Believing in "The God" the Creator, who created everything. If only you read more about it you'll understand more.

    There is only 1 GOD, whatever "The God" translates to in your language, that is his name. The one and only God. God of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims. All other gods are false, man made names. Jesus is but a human prophet, who was sent with the message " of worshiping God alone, as should be worshiped.

  • How the f*** do you know whether there is one God no God or twenty of them how about shutting the f*** up until u have evidence

  • Funnily enough your "one true god" believed there were other gods you may not believe me but its true... He even had fellow gods who helped him (that's what elohim was gods) anyways the ancient Jews were henatheistic and their leader was at war with the othergods and them all being gods means non of them can die there fore rather than attacking the gods directly he was forced to attack their followers (because without worship the gods become weak according to all ancient lore and biblical times mythos) anyways essentially if everyone would quit worshipping the gods they believe in simultaneously then heaven becomes open to all and we won't have to worship gods or a god to get there (of course that is only if you believe the stories which I don't I was just conveying a necessary message)

  • Mohammed had at least 12 wives and many more slave concubines. The 6 year old bride was wife #2 or #3. His best friend gave his daughter to him at 6- Mo consumated the relationship when she was 9. Mohammeds first wife gave him a slave boy as a wedding gift. Mohammed eventually freed him and adopted him as a son but later teh adopted son married a woman and long story short he made them divorce so he could marry her. During the wedding of the adopted son's wife one of Mohammeds friends saw other men giving some of his wives the eye as in the men were eyeing them lustfully. In response the verse for the veil came down which requires Moslem women to cover their head. All in all, Mohammed and Islam suck.

  • A 9-year-old Muslim girl's love-hole is tight and willing. I know because I'm a Bangladeshi, and I've married three girls of that age in Bangladesh. Their monthly periods had started earlier than usual. Sexual intercourse with such young girls is the most satisfying sexual experience a man can have.

    একটি 9 বছর বয়সী মুসলিম মেয়ের প্রেমের গর্ত টাইট এবং ইচ্ছুক। আমি জানি কারণ আমি একজন বাংলাদেশী, এবং আমি বাংলাদেশে এই বয়সের তিনটি মেয়েকে বিয়ে করেছি। তাদের মাসিক পিরিয়ড স্বাভাবিকের চেয়ে আগেই শুরু হয়েছিল। এই ধরনের অল্পবয়সী মেয়েদের সাথে যৌন মিলন একজন পুরুষের সবচেয়ে সন্তোষজনক যৌন অভিজ্ঞতা।

  • U are so funny I don't know from where did u create this funny story lol

  • They smell bad!

  • Yeah maybe they don't use perfume like you lol

  • They wear burkas in the middle of the desert

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