Conflicted emotions

I love my athletic s/o but I’m enamored by women who want to get fat, or fat women who want to get fatter.
We connect on every level, literally. Except Feedism.
I don’t feel like I settled at all, because we click so well. However some days I just want to play with their fatty parts, or introduce food in the bedroom.

I’m not a closet fat admirer (FA). It’s nothing to brag about, but people know I like fat girls. I just keep my Feedist tendencies to myself. People don’t understand the paraphiliac nature of feedism.
Early on in our relationship they asked if I preferred fat women and I said no- personality and connection are most mportant. I mean/ meant it.

I was/ am very happy in my relationship. Just some days that urge hits and I want to feed a women (consensually) until she’s 500lbs.
The thought of jiggling a big belly, playing and nibbling different rolls, feeding donuts and whipped cream and getting messy eating is such a turn on.

However idk if I’d be happy with that ultimately. I like doing activities with my s/o and talking about things outside the bedroom. I know there’s pros and cons to everything.
Maybe having an incredibly fat s/o wouldn’t make me happy? Would they understand my love for being active? Do I really want to enable and jeopardize their health? What if things fail and we break up and now their a single 500lb women- not that they can’t find love again, but dating would be more difficult bc there’s so many closets and trolls.

TLDR; I’m happy with my life, I love the decisions I made, just some days I want to have fat s** again.


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  • Just go for it and start dating a ssbbw. You might be better off than agonizing over whether you should have every day

  • Damn. Same situation here bro. No advice for you because I don’t know how to feel about it either.

  • That’s rough, I’m sorry

  • Go be with a bigger person who cares what people think

  • Thank you for responding. I’m not concerned so much what others think, I just don’t know if jeopardizing my great relationship is worth maybe finding someone who wants to get fat. It’s very hard to find people who love Feedism

  • She has no clue you like this ?

  • Not that I’m aware of. My relationship is completely normal, great conversations, great dynamic, great s** (yes I’m attracted to athletic women), it’s awesome with no complaints.

    I’m just constantly trying to block out feedist fantasies throughout the day, or if a fat women walks by I get butterflies.. etc

  • It's what's in the heart that counts. Why is there so much emphasis on how much a person weighs? If you love larger women, this is your choice. I think you are somewhat confused about your s/o because you love athletic women and then you say you don't know if you would be happy with a fat woman.
    I think you are just making all this crap up! Maybe fat women, don't like athletic men!

  • Can you explain a little bit? I love my s/o, find them attractive, but I also love fat women. I don’t know if I should stay and always wonder, or leave and risk possibly not finding someone

  • You have one or the other. Please do not compromise. You will only end up hurting yourself and the other people concerned. Fat or skinny - your choice!

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