It has been four years since my last post about my sugar baby. My husband had no idea then and has no idea now!!! A bit of background about my marriage & my life. Our income bracket is above average we do not pay taxes. We own stocks, & multiple real estate aside from our professions. My husband is a financial advisor, investor, business man. We constantly travel for work to meet with each of our owns clientele. Within both of our jobs we have managed to network and surpass paying taxes yearly. From work and stress at home to traveling for work I'm what you call a business woman I invest in stocks& people's businesses, I have my own business and so does my husband, over the past years we have expanded tremendously. 4 years ago I was very spontaneous about meeting a sugar baby. I take self- care seriously and devote to it to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. I met my sugar baby and we have held a long relationship I paid for her school and living expenses bought her a condo in downtown Houston, & we still continue to see eachother. She has always made me feel sexy and I am obsessed with her pleasure. She is very muscular and her physique is out of this world. My standards were high so I wanted someone who also had something going on for themselves careerwise. Sexy but with a highly driven ambition to succeed with my networks. Expectations were exceeded through apps and I found a sugarbaby. UT civil engineering physically active, attractive, pure but knew what she wanted. Beforehand of course I met a lawyer we made a agremeent she signed and simple. She pleased me i pleased all of her financial desires. Everything about her makes me throb down there. My husband pleasures me sexually and its okay but I wanted more. Something out of this world. Now she is a civil Engineer and works for one of my clients' personal companies known wolrd wide. Covid-19 changed a lot but we still have our romances filled with passion and desire. When i travel for work i still see her or fly her out even for a day. My husband is not aware and will not become aware i enjoy his pleasure as much as i enjoy feeling like im doing something wrong but in the moment it feels so right. I have had a sugar baby now for 4 years. The sexiest thing most sugar mommas look for is pleasure, desire & companionship. I do not regret any of it. Happiliy married but still have adventures. I realized with power and money your desire can be fulfilled through a new level mine has. I never thought i would be a sugar momma. I am not gay but i enjoy s** from both parties. It is as if i have a bestie who is "GAY" but it is a girl whom i can have sexual encounters with and no strings attached. I have attached some business profits and shares to her name. My husband and I have no kids. We both signed a prenuptial agreement before marriage. When both families come from wealth you never know what to expect!!! Over the years i have been erotic, & kinky a freak at night but during the daytime i am a business woman. I believe you only have one life to live. So i did as I wanted and found my sugar baby. When you have wealth along comes the power and most will never understand that. It is the kind of wealth you wake up one day wanting to fly out to Dubai and the next day you want to walk all over France , or the U.K.
If my husband were to find out i doubt our marriage will be over. In the past we have had experiences sexually. We love eachother very much. Went to the same university together. Sometimes you can be happy but also adventure. I do not think there is anything wrong with being a sugar momma to one sugar baby all for equality of pleasure. Whom ever is reading this live your life regardless of what others say. It does not matter where you come from it only matters how far you want to go in life. Do not be scared to jump take every opportunity even if it means risking it all. Life is about living in the moment. Money does not buy happiness!!!!!! But it can boost your pleasure to new levels. Work hard and reach every goal and dream no matter how hard it may seem. Stay ambitious go out of your comfort zone but be sure of what you want to do and love what you do. We only have one life live it to your expectations. Because you never know when somebody will want to invest in you or your future for pleasure or simply to build a relationship. Someone out there will want to give you an opportunity for your next job, gig, or invest in your idea. But more than anything dont ever settle for less. Life is too short to not experience new things. My sugar baby is still my sugar baby aside from our sexual life that we both enjoy we hold a very close relationship and i am very grateful to have found what I was looking for. Wealth sometimes get you lonely, do what you love but do not settle for less to become miserable. Expirement. Oh one more thing my sugar baby graduated from UT texas so "HOOK THEM HORNS!!!!!!!!!!"! I am now a die hard fan and my husband wonders where it all started from lucky for me he will never know why. Never know who will keep my assets and investments, or my life insurance ;)

Sep 29, 2020

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  • That was motivating, also having something on the side (in your case a sugar baby), usually improves your marital relationship and even your s** life with your spouse. The key is to find someone who will keep your secret and not go after your marriage.

  • I would love to chat and talk about investing as im interested in learning about it. Please email me im from md

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