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Hi I'm a full time business major in NYC. I'm 18 years old. I've only ever slept with 4 men in my life time. 3 of them have been over 50yrs old. All of my living costs are payed for by others and I currently make 6000 a month. How do I do it? Well I'm a w****. Some call it prostituting, being a Sugar Baby, escorting, being a courtesan and the most creative I've heard: being an entrepreneur. Here are the details....

I got kicked out of my house when I was 17 because my mom got a new husband and she wanted to get rid of my sister and I to start her new life which did not include us. So I had to move to New York and live with my dad. My dad is pretty much a bachelor/playboy and has 3 houses in which he floats around from each one. I live in one of his houses by myself and try not to ask him for anything. I started a job at a department store in the city to help pay for things but it was just not cutting it. The pay and commission were alright but I still needed my dad to pay my major bills and I just despise asking him for anything. I started my first year of college in the city and I needed more money for books.. and to pay my next semesters tuition. One day I was on my computer researching things for my paper when I saw an article on yahoo about how more and more college students are entering the s** industry to pay for school. I thought it was disgusting and sad that kids my age would ever be so desperate that they would do something like that. A month later my dad got into a car wreck and told me that he couldn't pay my next semester's tuition. Needless to say I felt the desperation of the many college kids I read about. Then, next thing I knew I was responding to e-mails from men looking for a "good time". The first guy I met was 54 very sweet and married. I made 200 dollars in an hour and he wanted to see me again the next day. I went home and showered so hard I felt so disgusting, but at the same time victorious. Normally I'd have to work 25 hours to make 200 dollars and I just made that much in an hour. We started seeing each other much more and he was very helpful thoughtful and pretty much became like a guardian to me. As I made plans to see other guys he gave me advice on how to stay in control and how to be safe. The next guy I met was a high profile NYC attorney who had many clients in the music industry. I told him about my whole college situation and he made arrangements for me to meet him in his office where he'd be more than happy to give me half the money for my tuition which was 2500 dollars. I felt it was too good to be true so I blew off the appointment. Two days later he e-mailed me telling me how upset he was that I didn't come and meet him because he wasn't looking for a sexual encounter and just to talk and help me out. So we rescheduled and I met with him.
We talked. He gave me a sealed envelope with exactly what he promised and asked if he could see me again in a more private setting. I agreed, and he was my first sugar daddy. After our first sexual encounter which honestly lasted 6 minutes.. or three thrusts I found out that he was married... and 76. The announcement of his nuptials wasn't surprising... but he looked much younger than 76. My first guess at his age would be no older than 47, He still had all of his hair and was in very great shape. He ended up paying for my tuition, my phone, cable and grocery bill, taking me shopping when ever I wanted and giving me an allowance of 500 a week which would total 2000 a month. I quit my job at the department store and started to get used to getting what I want. If ever I saw something in the window of a store, online, or in a magazine that I couldn't afford all I would have to do is send him a text and within a day.. hour or minute (depending on his schedule) it would be mine. The thing about money is.. once you start to get more of it you begin to need even more and anyone whose had a taste of the riches knows this to be true. My first search for another guy was honestly just a search for someone who could satisfy my sexual appetite and could afford my time. However what I found was a Wall Street executive who was married and looking for an exotic mistress to wine and dine. He wanted me to see him exclusively and told me he could give me whatever I wanted as long as I was always and only available to him. He had a very trust worthy feel to him and was offering me something I pretty much couldn't refuse. So we met at Starbucks. He was 64 but looked like 50. He immediately complimented me on my looks and said I was exactly what he wanted. So we worked out a deal. Remember how I said the lawyer was my first sugar daddy? Well this guy was my first extreme sugar daddy. That seems like a stupid phrase but give me a chance to explain. He first said he would give me 600 a week which would work out to 2400 a month. But I told him I had a job and other expenses and if he gave me more then it would free up my schedule so I could see him more often. We came to an agreement of 4000 a month or 1000 a week plus shopping and birth control money. Currently I still see all three guys. But I no longer charge my first guy. We've built a friendly and romantic relationship and he knows more about me than any of the other guys, and sometimes I think he knows me better than I know myself. As of now I go to school full time. I keep my grades up... and after school, and on weekends I go and see these guys. I currently make 6000 a month and if all is well by next November I will have made 72000 without taxes. Keep in mind I'm still only 18. What I do for a living isn't something I pride myself in or something I would recommend but other than the first guy I've ever met while doing this I've never told anyone this whole story. But honestly it feels good to know that I don't have to worry about asking my dad for anything... or trying to figure out how I'm going to pay my tuition. If all you had to do to get everything you've always wanted was open your legs kiss and cuddle every now and then would you? Plenty of girls give it away for free and end up with heartache. Is it so bad that I charge for mine and get everlasting happiness in return?

Mar 2, 2012

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  • Good for you!! :)

  • I can't believe the people who says ''You do what you gotta do to live''. So everybody can become a prostitute to get money and live or serial killer or anything. I really don't support what she is doing and there are many ways to live your life with your dignity and pride without doing what she is doing. I mean I go to school and my dad supports me and if I need anything I would never ask my dad.I say to myself study hard and when you graduate you can get that thing.Thats keep me motivated to focus on my school. But you know this is life and people live their lives as they want to so good luck I guess.

  • Thats so sexy; I wish I knew how you looked; 18 and pretty; I would sign over a couple of cheques to you for some time with you. Hott!!

  • no its not bad you do what you gotta do and as long as your being safe about it.

  • You could of started out stripping, instead of going straight to sucking d*** for a living.

  • She was a business major, so she needed to learn how to suck d*** properly as part of her education. Believe it or not, she was being practical. LOL

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