HELP: Should I leave my athletic s/o for an ssbbw?

I love my athletic s/o but I’m enamored by women who want to get fat, or fat women who want to get fatter.
We connect on every level, literally. Except Feedism.
I don’t feel like I settled at all, because we click so well. However some days I just want to play with their fatty parts, or introduce food in the bedroom.

I’m not a closet fat admirer (FA). It’s nothing to brag about, but people know I like fat girls. I just keep my Feedist tendencies to myself. People don’t understand the paraphiliac nature of feedism.
Early on in our relationship they asked if I preferred fat women and I said no- personality and connection are most mportant. I mean/ meant it.

I was/ am very happy in my relationship. Just some days that urge hits and I want to feed a women (consensually) until she’s 500lbs.
The thought of jiggling a big belly, playing and nibbling different rolls, feeding donuts and whipped cream and getting messy eating is such a turn on.

However idk if I’d be happy with that ultimately. I like doing activities with my s/o and talking about things outside the bedroom. I know there’s pros and cons to everything.
Maybe having an incredibly fat s/o wouldn’t make me happy? Would they understand my love for being active? Do I really want to enable and jeopardize their health? What if things fail and we break up and now their a single 500lb women- not that they can’t find love again, but dating would be more difficult bc there’s so many closets and trolls.

TLDR; I’m happy with my life, I love the decisions I made, just some days I want to have fat ** again.

Next Confession

So that's awkward.

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  • Don't listen to that guy below. My ssbbw wife has rolls & she has never got stinky.

  • Fat women stick me. An ssbbw will reek until the cows come home. All that sweat and slime under those folds of flesh full of bacteria and that horrible sour smell. Take this advise from someone who has had a couple. I gave it a second go and it was just as bad. Stick with what you have dude.

  • Wait! “Take this ADVISE”? Advise, is used in a sentence like this, “I would advise you not to ** off my husband, he’s a Navy Seal!” I believe the word you were looking for is ADVICE.
    Just a little advice from a 6th grade English teacher. BTW, 6th grade is where one should have learned the difference between advise, and advise.

  • Not all ssbbw are slobs. Just because your big doesn’t make you nasty. Find the right one, you’ll be in love.

  • They may not all be slobs, but all those folds start getting warm and clammy. When the moisture builds, so does the stink. It's awful.

  • Not all have folds. Different body types of **/ssbbw.

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