My revenge cheating after bf cheated.

Three years ago, I was 23 a graduate from GT “Go Yellow Jackets!” with a degree in Health & Medical Science, got an apartment North of Atlanta, a job at a sports complex that’s currently helping me pay for medical school.
I’m a push over with no luck in guys, long story, I met Ethan. He works for a large bank and does something with contracts. He talked me into moving in because I had broadband internet. I was thankful later that my name was only the lease. His mom was great! She’d come and clean the apartment and do his laundry twice a week. She even bought me and engagement ring to wear at work.
My last two patients for the day canceled so I came home early. Apparently, he’d taken the day off too! I caught him getting busy with a girl he’d met at a gaming tournament.
The girl was not in shape! Not bragging but DAMN! I was on the dance team in college and played soccer! I’m almost 5ft and constantly bust my a$$ to stay fit!
He begged me not to kick him out because he’d have to move back in with his mom. He had an online tournament in a few weeks and they didn’t have good internet. I was p***** and told him we’d talk in the morning. Bedroom for ME couch for HIM.
The next morning he’d went and picked up flowers and a smoothie for me.
I wanted him gone but last night I came up with something that would make him move out on his own. He began groveling so I told him what he could do.
I told him to give Bradley, his manager, my number and tell him I want to F**K him.
Ethan said, “OK DEAL.” I was shocked.
I met his manager Bradley at the company Christmas Party a few months prior. He’s 48, arrogant & cocky but also charming! He has crystal blue eyes, salt & pepper hair with a well groomed beard and very fit for his age. I have no luck with guys but I could tell instantly that Bradley’s ‘player’. He has a charming personality. We hit it off instantly because my bf went with his co-workers and they were on their phones. I had a couple of glasses of wine with Bradley and hit the dance floor. I felt his hand slip up my dress and rub my butt! I was feeling relaxed and allowed it! I was wearing pantyhose but OMG it felt nice! His hands are huge! One palm covered my entire butt! I had one final glass of wine and the final dance he gave my butt a nice firm squeeze. I could also feel his stiff p**** pressing against me. I remember being so aroused when Ethan and I got home! I tried to have s**, I did everything I could. No luck getting him hard. I took a long bath instead.

Back to the story:
Ethan came home with more flowers and offered to take me to dinner. I asked if he gave Bradley my number. He gave me a few excuses and tried to renegotiate. I told him ‘a deal is a deal’ or you can pack your s**t. That felt good! He said, “What I am I supposed to do? Ask if I can talk to him in his office and say ‘my fiancé that I’m living with want’s to F**k your brains out?” I was sitting on a stool in the kitchen with my legs and arms crosses and replied, “I think that will do.” We didn't speak for the rest of the week.
On Friday, I was at work and at 1:30pm I got a message from Bradley, ‘Katie?” I replied ‘yes’ he replied ’DTF?’ I sent him a heart emoji. We flirted more. I briefly explained what happened and he’s my ‘no strings attached free pass’. We flirted for a few. I won’t post that. He asked ‘ limits?’ I replied, ‘I’m willing as long as you promise to and feel comfortable discussing it with your coworkers later.’ He gave me directions to his place and I’d meet him at 6pm.
I got home and dug out a black fitted body con mini dress I wore to a dance competition. Did hair, glitter eyeshadow with cat eye liner, put on a padded push-up bra (yes, A cups). I’m originally from SC and have tan legs. I wanted to look ‘classy’ not ‘trashy’ leaving the apartment. I wore pantyhose, looked in the mirror one final time. I wanted to make a revenge statement. Not bragging but nailed it. I took a selfie, sent it to Bradley and told him I'd be there soon. lol The reply he sent!
Ethan came home with flowers and asked me to reconsider. Apparently, Bradley had already started bragging at work I was coming over for s**. LOL
I went to the fridge, got Ethan’s six pack of Corona’s and left.
I won’t share details but we both took care of each other’s needs. I spent the night. I cooked breakfast for us both and left afterward. I asked Bradley to brag at work to everyone about our night together. I told him if Ethan doesn’t move out, I might need to meet him for lunch.
I got home, Ethan had decided to tell his mom what I’d done and she was there. wtf? She came by to ‘talk’. I gave her the ring, told her I’d caught Ethan first. Well, he’d left that part out. I told her as revenge I spent the night with his manager.
His mom packed his stuff and took him home.

Nov 17

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  • Go Jackets! Nice story to hear from a yellow jacket.

  • Thanks!

  • You should have f***** Ethan

  • And made him clean your p**** with his tongue.

  • Gold rush?

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