My life its gettig harder

Ik im emauel, m astrteasl vchart shows 8 dcorpiond anihjyrf to my birtds and the worst the de discription og my verftex, was what you canlled a spoiled kil they overshadown me with crap tat has no love meaning. 7yo from that perftective evertyhinhgf ok.
untill i npotovd my aflar dpeskig eith piritss. i hareme mention and onthis "it easn't s gof thing" i'm sad ti took too long ino ventur if ehst hid life esd, judt s brst tnsgrt. intill trid point he abandoned without a wornng ans was living 600km way alone.
We traverl thdtr alone, but the pain alwaif feel te goobue moents in whicj id always head him to get aback.
I was useless.
at 23 he cqme back home, seem seem to have taken a rght turn, until he0s fid hunging from the bathroom floor.
i remember oprning myt hrt y in fsrkrdd snd pudh sll the love i could master inside, with the idea º2if i cant feel it anai, i would go thoghu it agail,
fe moments passes, i met this woman i felt it would be ticket out of thin sinsanity. she had problmemd, i had wors,, i the end she abandonem me on by Bday arter makinh35y. i frll allmy floot taken away froim me, at tat momrnt i cound be smomeone seld,m or anyone self, br cause whar mades me feel so eay was hus. 2 yeas passed with tear i my gace and smiles on hers... maybe she's beter without me. when sih got a boyufriend i whan all my hoprnd went to firt. i tryin to some that was able to heal tohse broken peices, i thnk i founf, but she asku have oribkem, lst month twch appened that are ut of the scope of whay i could do to the one i love, i got hit by her, and on the second time she chocked me string i was oushed out of the vouch, non stipping, but then she says se loves me. i know and a brokrn toy in this sicirty, buy i'brsldo hsabr brrk when i reach the nect one. just sat that untill i get pwirly portrf to hight onre, thr pay will just be whost, im on my thread,k ig you jsvr drr havean and h*** and would still be here to tal, you will ne vrer nr thr dsmr prtdon, i hsveno ifra on eat to fo, try to endure brvause of lovre, ot poivk thr lirdt of my dyuff snf eslt in yo thr Jotdon,
can er really oustand you destiy... i jusnt wantes it be a short coutdoen, i can onmçy feeç payn everydat,

Oct 21, 2020

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