Boys should never hit girls except when they attack you

Watching a video of a black girl slapping a white kid around and him not stopping her is wrong. The color of the girls doesn't matter. If she fights like a man then fight her like a man.

An older female student and I were waiting at the school Bus to take us home. She didn't want to be at the back of the line so she tried to butt me out and take my place.

Bringing up my knee I gave her a classic Charly Horse. I'm sure it hurt her like H***. I got about five hits from her but they didn't hurt much. Not as bad as I had hurt her anyway.

Oct 27, 2020

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  • Equal rights equal fights

  • It’s funny the first thing that came in mind when equal rights came out is you want to fight a girl lol such a p**** men should never hit women your y’all p**** b******

  • Fart

  • Equal Rights?.
    That's what she wanted

  • No person should be hitting another person and if you do, don't think you should get away with it because you're female. My ex girl friend would get aggressive and hit me often then one day I hit her back after she nearly knocked my teeth out. She told everyone I'm a wife beater and I had to leave my job because everyone was disgusted in me and lost a few friends

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