Wife Flashing

I was talking to my neighbor out in the yard one day. He is a retired truck driver. We started talking about s**. He told me about all the women and couples that flashed him over the years. It was a big turn on listening to his stories. Some flashing their t*** and some doing a lot more. After we finish I went into the house and told my wife about it and told her some of his stories. She wanted to know if I wanted to do that and I said sure. She told me to forget it, that wasn't going to happen. After that I kept dropping hints and I get the same answer, NO WAY. Finally after a year, while we were making love when we were hot and heavy she whisper in my ear that she would do it. When we finished I said what did you say. She said she would flashed a trucker if that what I wanted her to do. I couldn't believe what she was saying. I had a business meeting in Fl in a couple of weeks and I always fly for these meetings and wife never goes with me, but I was going to rent a car and she was going. For the next two weeks we talked about how this would come about. She would wear lose fitting clothes. The morning we left she was getting cold feet and told me that she just may not go through with it. I didn't want to hear that but was cool and told her that would be alright but I hope she would. Now she had rules, the truck had to be out of state and she had to check out the truck driver. So off we go and we finally got on I95. We passed a lot of truck and she didn't like any of the truckers. I really didn't think it was going to happen but I was cool and didn't say anything. Finally she said I'll do it to this guy. We let him pass us and we where behind him. My wife is 51years old and she looks younger and is 5'3" , 108 lbs and t*** are D cup. She looked at me and said let's do this. She pulled up her sweat shirt and bra with it. Those beautiful t*** was out in the open. She said do it now. I pulled out and started to pull up beside him and I looked at my wife and she had her eyes closed. At this time there was no traffic near us I slowly pulled up beside him. It was happening, WOW what a turn on. I told wife to open her eys and see if he was looking. I can't was her reply. I told her there was traffic coming up, see if he looking and she looked and said he was and waving at her and I told her to wave back. The traffic was almost on us I pulled ahead and he blew the horn at us. I told my wife I think that's the most I have ever been turned on and she looked at me and said she was very wet. I couldn't believe it but she flashed about dozen more truckers and the last two was t*** out and jogging pants pulled down panties too. While we were there one night to a sports bar. That afternoon after my meeting we went shopping for her a sun dress. We got a black one that was short and low cut. Off to the bar we went. When we got there we sat at the bar on high stools. There where tables all around us. I told the wife when she sat down to let the dress ride up. When she turned around to look at the TVs on the wall she gave who was watching her a good show, no panties. We had a lot of free drinks, LOL. Before thinks got out of hand we went back to the hotel and made love with lights on and curtains open. I didn't know if anyone from the hotel across the streetwas watching but in our mind they were. Got up next morning and left and flashed more truckers. Now from time to time we will go to the interstate and she will flash. I hope you have enjoyed our adventures. When we go a long way out of town on vacation we always take the sun dress.

Nov 27, 2020

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  • We did a lot of cross country trips doing that. Locally we call it a nap ride. She strips completely and actually naps while I cruise up to and alongside as many truckers as I can. Surprisingly most truckers do not even notice but the ones who do honk or keep up with us for miles.

  • We live near the coast, on the bay front there is a famous clam chowder place. It has an odd layout, there are center tables, and a row of raised tables the full length of the room on both sides, People sitting up there have their backs to the wall. One day while in there, I sat in the center, and noticed a woman sitting by the way, I could see right up her skirt to her panties.
    So, I talked the wife into going in there with me, no panties. The surprise was how willing she was, we picked a spot, there were two fishermen in the center.
    My wife made it appear accidental, although another guy came in and sat with his back to us. The others said something to him, he got up to get more coffee, then sat on the other side. By then the wife had her knees apart as far as they would go, three guys sitting there enjoying the show. I even got up and got Coffee so i could walk around and see how much was showing. My wife had scooted her butt forward by then, the overhead lights shined on he like a spotlight, she was letting them see everything. Then the fun part, she actually reached down with one hand and spread herself, wow!
    After that, we did a lot of flashing, it always made her hot as a pistol. That was a fun 20 years, we would probably still be at it but I lost her to cancer after two decades of marriage.

  • My wife and I did all that stuff when we were young marrieds. Really common among our friends.

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