Life is meaningless

Ive attempted to kill myself three times. for some reason, im still here to tell the tale.

i wont go into specifics, all i'll say is 1) involved a rope and my neck, 2) involved a drug, and too much of it and 3) involved charcoal and a car.

i tried ending my life peacefully, but i guess i dont deserve that luxury? i suppose the only way out, is through pain.

i guess thats all i wanted to say.




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  • Oh we get it you're always the victim oh poor you couldn't kill himself geez shut up and do something with your life

  • Who am i to say ... so ... if first you don't succeed ... try try again...

  • You f****** p****. What a disgusting thing to say. You're more worthless than the person who made the post.

  • You should be able to do what you want as long as it does not affect anyone else ... be it drugs ... alcohol .. and even suicide (that is why there is a such thing as assisted suicide). if the person wants to do it bad enough to try 3 times then why should i or anyone else say anything different.

    what am i suppose to say? Good luck? everyone know that most these post are fake anyway so they wont do it ... just wants attention.

    if they were serious then there are a lot of other better websites to post to than this.

  • Get a thicker rope.

  • Vile human.

  • F*** off and die then you attention moron

  • Loser

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