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I've set a date to kill myself and I just feel relieved now. I'm sorry to hurt my family, but I think in the long run it will be better for them too.

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  • When I was in Nepal, I worked with a man who eventually committed suicided after telling all his friends that he was going to kill himself. Two months later, I was fu cking his se x-starved wife. She was so good, to this day I can't understand any man who would kill himself when his wife is so good in bed.

  • It will be better for them. Do it.

  • Killing yourself is the cowards way out

  • It will be better for everybody. One less crybaby taking up resources

  • Do it tonite make it a Christmas present for your family! Best gift you can give.

  • Just wonderful. I posted a message asking this OP to please reconsider, and that gets removed in lieu of this encouragement for him to kill himself ON CHRISTMAS. I guess none of these clowns remember Michelle Carter going to prison for encouraging suicide. What a sad world. What a sick mother f****** site. Eventually these bastards will get they a****** sued off. And then they will go to f****** h***. F****** h***! F****** H***!!

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