You ruined my life

I don't know who you are but I want to let you know that you have ruined my life, I got a call from the mother of one of my students the other day asking if she could come to my house, We are...Aquaintances so I said sure, She dropped a bomb that day that ruined my life, I almost wish she hadn't told me.
I was informed that her husband had walked in on her son, He was whacking it to pictures of me online and my stomach churned, She told me the whole greusome story about her husband telling her and they went online, Found the website and the "gallery" of my stuff, She said that at first they thought it was stuff I had posted and I wanted to scream NOOOOO but she said they quickly realized it was not me posting it when they seen the videos, My stomach churned again.
She left me with the website address and before the door clicked I was logging in with her sons credentials, Why the h*** does a 16 year old have a visa anyway but not my business, Someone has been taking pictures and video of me in my bedroom, I never get naked anywhere but my bedroom, They have so much footage and I know for sure it has been going on for over two years because they have video of me before I got my...Boobjob and since. They have chronicled my life for the past couple years and have a lot of very embarrassing stuff on there, If it were just naked pictures I would be able to live with that.
However they have pictures of me when I was still married and video of my husband and I then they must have video taped every encounter through my PDHP, They video taped all but one that I can remember of my Girl/Girl experiences and tons of my solo girl times, The creepy part about this is they have to be on my roof to get to the window every picture and video is taken from so someone had to realize they could get onto my roof, Go onto my roof, Realize they could see into my bedroom and go up there enough and spend enough time up there to catch all of this, Is someone camping on my roof every night to try and catch video or pictures of me naked, Masturbating or having s**?????
I am a woman who knows my body and knows what I like and what works, I don't shy away from some experimentation but for the most part it is a pretty quick session then lights out, they have been so close to me that when I stand at my dresser next to the window they have zoomed out and still been right frickin there, Like close enough I could slap the s*** out of them which is what I want to do. I have contacted police and they have agreed to help me try to catch the perv but say there is nothing I can do about the pictures and video other than ask the website to take them down which I have done repeatedly. This is not only affecting my life but there are videos of me and a female collegue, A single mom of one of my past students, and three married men (Not proud of that just a fact) so if more people find this it will destroy a lot of lives.

Dec 21, 2020

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  • Sounds like a lifetimemovienetwork or idchannel stories!

  • What are the links? Just for story verification purposes

  • Holy s*** is all I can say about this one.

  • When they seen the videos? C'mon fake story.

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