So Sick of you all.

I am so sick of all the little mother F'ers i have to deal with on a day to day basis that I may actually quit my job, I don't know how much more I can handle.
I posted a while ago about how one of my grade 9 students had posted a video online of him video taping up my dress in class and I was...Sans underwear, The video went everywhere and I am certain once word got out every student in the school and probably 50 percent of the towns 100,000 male population seen it but regardless I was brought in and vilified for not wearing uderwear that day rather than the student being crucified for his innapropriate actions which caused the situation of me, my principal, Two administrators (One male and one female) and said student, His mother and father all sitting cozy like in the principals office watching a 21 second video of him slipping his phone under my dress as I stood with my back to him helping another student and not once, Not twice but three times my vag was up on the big screen as we all very uncomfortably watched.
I still don't know why a grade 9 student was in the room when the video was shown but I guess he had probably watched it enough by that point anyway, So since then I have had that student transfered out of my class and thought I raised enough of an issue about it that I didn't need to worry about it anymore and had even canceled my plans to transfer to another school district.
I was recently brought before the principal again, New school year, Fresh set of students, I thought all was going well, I have a no cell phones in class policy, They stay in your locker or on the side table in the classroom in full view, Still I was brought in to view over 33 minutes of video compiled over the past 6 months of me in class. Everything from me standing with my back to the class in yoga pants which are an allowed part of the dress code but my...Back view has more movement than I had thought and apparently is something of interest as everytime I wipe the whiteboard its on tape, Pictures and video down my tops, Up my dresses, My legs under my desk, Why are grade 9 boys such pervs, Again I was scolded by my principal for not wearing underwear and he had the audacity to say that maybe I should re-evaluate my breast size as when I lean forward my bra sticks out and my nips are clearly visible, That comment almost got him slapped.
So I don't know yet if these videos have found their way to the internet yet but I want someone to pay this time, I am sick of it.

May 10, 2021

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  • If you did feel comfortable for not wearing panties and your b****/cleavage exposed when you lean forward or use the whiteboard to write something raising an arm with your nips clearly visible then, I am sure, you do have latent exhibitionist tendency. Nothing wrong in it as much as nothing wrong with your young students taking snapshots in their cell phones. A 9th grade student is very much exploitative in sexual matters - unstoppable!!

  • Seems like they mismanaged this and you have a lawsuit

  • ...and with the money you receive from the litigation you can take a few English writing lessons and learn how to spell.

  • I understand what you are going through . Men are such CREEPS .

  • Nobody likes you. You look like a man.

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