I love Islam, because it’s a Pro-Man religion

I am in love with Islam, because I love the Holy Quran, that book has remained a unchanged book since its creation. Plus I love that Muslims have murdered more Gays than Christians and Jews have, if Christianity truly cared about their Teacher Jesus, they would have joined and United with Muslims in their Vengeance against the LGBTQ community which continues to slander Jesus name and Slander Christianity. The reason that Christians are forced to accept gays in their society is because the Bible and Torah was altered to benefit gays and the LGBTQ community, I know that the Bible has been changed many times over its history, we can’t even find even one unaltered Bible or Torah in the world and until we do, Christianity will always be persecuted by very wicked people in Government.
That why I think all Christians should convert to Islam, to save their societies from being targeted for accepting gays in society, the Holy Quran remains a unchanged book for 1400 year’s, while the Bible and Torah was changed many times over its history.
plus the whole Majority of Christians want something sacred to return to Christianity, and that is Sacred marriage between Church and State. What sacred marriage would that be ( a Police State to persecute Unbelievers and Gays)
to persecute the unbelievers and destroy and ban the whole LGBTQ community, the only way this can happen is for Christians and Muslims to unite against a Corrupt Government and a disgusting organization known as the LGBTQ community. I would love for this to happen in the future, if it causes World War 3, than so be it, we will Bathe our Fields with the blood of the Unbelievers and Government and the LGBTQ community and bury them all in a mass grave.

Dec 29

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  • Islam allows to have more than one wives so that you don't have to ask for s** elsewhere and even all can share the same bed at the same time.

  • F*ck u god said treat every person eqaully no matter their skin color, sexualality , shape, apperience and religion!! and i will do just that i wont ever treat a human less than they are. i just every one thinks like me.....

  • Islam sucks, although i love baanging muslim girls

  • All religion is fake anyway, remnants of primitive humanity trying to figure out where they came from so they made up the idea of a superior being, then the stories just grew over time.

  • You do realize that other people have different thoughts then you some people ain’t nosy also your def not going to heaven and islam is one of the most toxic religions out there and i would definitely think twice before actually committing to it your just obsessed with people who don’t even care about you

  • Actually they do care, because Islam is all about commitment, and arranged Marriage, and in Islam, there is no Separation of Mosque and State. So if there is Blasphemy towards somebody Holy, whither it’s Jesus or that Pedo teacher, it’s within Legal right to send that person to his grave. And there’s no Heaven, because heaven does not exist after death, there is only Judgement day. And anyways I will not be around on Judgement day, because I’ll be cremated upon death. I’ll be sending lots of people like you to H*** very soon to wait for Judgement day.

  • So you're gay and can't handle it, right?

  • By "pro-man", do you mean "pro-male", or "pro-mankind"?

  • It’s not a religion. It’s a sickness and attracts and breads cowards

  • Don't be a fool.
    Islam should be respected like all religions.
    ALL religions are based on the principle of being a good caring person.
    The minority of people that CLAIM TO REPRESENT a religion yet kill, maim. Persecute and terrorise only represent their own sick evil ideology.
    They certainly do not represent a religion.
    I am.British and know of many many evil people brought up to be Christian or Catholic.
    Read the newspapers but don't believe all you read.
    Good people don't get noticed.
    Bad people make the news.
    I several.Sikh and Muslim and Hindu friends.
    I would trust my Muslim friend Mustafa with my life..

  • Since when, and in just what way, is Islam "pro-Man"??!?

  • OP is just in a bad mood because his boyfriend turned down his request for a*** s**.

  • That's why all the muslim girls are coming to europe and behave so wild with us? because they don't get it enough from "Men" like you? now go hide into your cave, and don't consume our oxygen.. and as for the comment 2 lines below, he is right.. Your religion is full of that.. go fix that, and then speak. Idiot!

  • I want to impregnate Sarina with 3 babies.

  • Who is Sarina? And Why THREE babies?

  • Becouz they is just some girls who want all they insides filled up with d****, then filled up with s**** and then filled up with babies! Them girls just cant never get enough of anything. Probally once Sarina gets her three babies then she gonna want four!!! They want to be filled all the way up!! them drippin hot b****** cant never get annough!!

  • It's an imaginary female (may or may not be human), and shitposter here is saying this at random on all newer confessions, as a cry for help. Or attention. Either way, it's pathetic

  • She sound hot, tho . . . . . . . damn . . . . . .

  • I imagine a crusty mop "sound" hot to you, fool.

  • You sound like an uneducated moron . . . . . and it requires no imagination whatsoever. You make it clear, d******.

  • Lol, some loser's triggered. Cry louder, the rest of us will make popcorn

  • Oooh, how extraordinarily clever! Did you borrow that from one of your fellow-dipshits here, or is it your own creation? Nah, you've never had an original thought in your entire life. And you never will. But I have to admit that you've become pretty adept at remembering things that other people have said and regurgitating them in near-proper word-order. Now . . . . . . just work on timing, you clown-shoe, monkey-ass MF.

  • OP, you love Islam even though it promotes pedophilia, slavery, racism, bigotry and lying?

  • I'm sorry, but I am afraid you have been rather badly misled about all three texts, in terms of modification (yes, there are multiple ENGLISH translations, but none that purport to alter the original content or intent, although many commentators or expositors would have you believe that they [alone] have seen them in a clearer light) and in terms of their permissiveness or antagonism toward homosexuality. And none of them ---not one --- support a hatred of others, no matter their beliefs or practices. Witnessing? Yes. Persuasion? Yes. Hatred? No. I love and admire your willingness to explore the Holy Writ and to find its meaning and application, and i truly hope you will continue both. May Allah or God bless your life and your inquiries. And may you have a very Healthy, Safe and Happy 2021!!!

  • No religion teaches hate...you are a pathological j*** who is wasting our oxygen

  • Well said. No religion promotes hate or evil practices.
    I'm.not religious though probably should be. I don't know what to believe.
    I have a Buddhist friend who explains her religion well, two Sikh friends that are anything but evil,, a Muslim friend that I would trust with my life plus a Hindu friend that to be honest I don't understand when she talks religion.
    I respect ALL religions as should we all..

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