What makes me sad

It makes me sad to find people who are lost from God. I myself wemt through a spell of open defience towards God and Jesus. After I read the Left Behind series, though, I realized there are sincere Christians. Yes, sadly, there are false christians who accept all the benefits but nome of the responsibility of a true Christian. These kinds use it as a cover up. But true Christianity is so much more. God is holy, perfect, pure, immortal, yet he loves us, his mortal, finite children. He loved us so much that he allowed Jesus to die as a payment for forgiveness. Some people argue, "Well, God must have made me atheist," but that also is untrue. God gave us the ability to choose. Free will. He wants us to come to Him not because we don't have a choice, but because we chose him ourselves. God has brought so much peace into my life, I just wish others could experience it. And one day, Jesus will return and whisk us who accept him away to heaven. All I ask everyone to do is consider it. Honestly. I am not imposing upon your rights, but only want for you to make an honest, educated decision about Christianity. I am quite new to it myself, but truly I love it. Please don't be offended, for can wishing for a person's eternal hapiness be offending?

Also, I want to start a rescue group, so to speak. An organization to reach out to those needing help and try to get God in their life. Those who need help will still get it regardless on where they stand religously, but Christ will be introduced tp these people. Maybe in these soup kitchens and shelters, jobs could be offered to these people. This is just an idea though.

Feb 28, 2015

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  • This was an amazing post and well written.

  • ...said OP.

    Preying on people at a low point in their lives is such a Christian thing to do, and you just love to applaud yourselves and each other for doing so. It's not any different from selling drugs to children from troubled homes, but you are far too arrogant to see that.

  • You don't have to become a christian, to believe in a higher power

  • Dumb

  • Your post is perfect for me on this day. I experienced that, but now I am way too far from it. I find myself lost and getting wild. Lately I keep on commiting sins though I know it's not right. I am completely ashame now. I don't know what to do anymore.

  • I'm in the same dark place. Need to get back to God. I know how you feel. Sin is all around. Need to go back to church. Read my Bible pray and help others. I'm so scared.

  • Its me who posted. Yeah, I denied God for a while, mocked his word, but while I accept full responsibility of it, I honestly simply lost what being a Christian means. I prayed when I was young, but it was something we all did as a family. I then went to a church as a pre teen. Despite trying, I couldn't connect with my peers (i am sort of shy). The church upwas horrible. My peers went to great lengths to make me uncomfortable in an unrecognizable way, like circling up without me. The adults were almost just as bad; i heard them spreading rumors about one another. It was terrible; everyone was so judgemental. I got to where I didn't want to go, so I defied God. I thought, well, if this is what Christianity is, I do not want it. My mom was in the hole and needed help, asked the church, but they wouldn't help her because they said she deserved what she was getting. Fastforward a couple years later; Mom recommends the Left Behind series. Ok, I decided to give it an honest try. I knew it was Christian, so I was sorta wary about reading it, but soon, after reading about the realistic characters, I began to realize. The books were written by a bible scholar and a preacher. I was brought to tears when reading the story which also made me realize true christianity. I dont know many, but true christianity is amazing. It isn't the judgemental, scary thing I thought it to be. I repented. I cried. I prayed. I begged God to take me back, and I know deep in my heart I am forgiven. Christianity is blissful. I printed whole articles about God's love. Just the prospect of his love makes me feel an emotion I cannot explain. Joy, love, happiness, bliss, gratitude, and more. So much more. I am young, a freshman in high school, but my rescue idea makes me so happy to think about. Maybe I will even be a Christian nun or something.

  • I am really grateful for this comment. It is so nicely written and sincere. I have seen too many people, especially online try to bash the things of God without true understanding of what it is. Reading this gave me so much hope. Thank you.

  • That is the best idea I have ever heard. I like how you're very honest and open,not many people are like that. :)

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