He fingered me once again...

We had just finished philosophy class as i told him i wanted to talk to him. we went to this room we know no one goes into and we were talking. I told him how thankful i was for everything he did for me and i told him i then had to leave. he continued to say if this is the last time im going to talk to you then can i have a hug. i said ofc and didn't mind it. (lets acknowledge the fact that he is 6'5 and i am 5'2) I go and hug him as he put his arms around me he lifted me pulled my mask off and kissed me. we kissed for a good 5 minutes straight. then i got my things and left. about 10 minutes later he asked if i had left the school ground if not then to go back to the room we were at. so i walk back and he opens the door for me and we start making out again he picks me up and takes me to this chair he sits and i sit on his lap. we continue to make out and he runs his hand up my skirt and starts to finger me. this is the first time in like 2 months that he had touched me and i swear something has never felt as good as that did and right before i o*****, a group of kids from our class come in looking for the gym equipment. he pulled his hand out when we heard the door open i ran and hid under desk... yes a desk. my friend sees me and goes oh heyyy. im like dude my things are outside the door if you know i am in here why did you let them come in she started laughing said sorry and left. we continued to make out and do what we were doing eventually he was in me and we came at the same time... might have a baby in a few months but i just know that now him and i are back together and happier then ever.

Jan 14, 2021

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