I just tried my first cig

I recently turned 16 and thought it was a good age to start smoking, so I bought myself a pack of Camel blues and lit one in my backyard, when I started inhaling I was barely coughing (unlike what my friends told me) , I felt dizzy for a few minutes. I really enjoyed the experience, but the smell was on my fingers for hours.
I cleaned everything as best I could and luckily my parents didn't find out.

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  • Very foolish

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  • Seriously the worst mistake you can do. I’ve smoked for 16 years and quite about 5 years ago. I’ll admit I did enjoy it at first but you will soon not get your buzz and keep at it long enough you’ll get your cough. Please put them down and walk away forever.

  • I remember my first cigarette. It was a Marlboro Light 100, box. I inhaled it and it felt cool and tasted bitter, but good. I felt a really hard buzz. I loved it. Within weeks I was smoking 2 packs a day, Marlboro Reds, then after a few years I switched to Camel Filters. I smoked for 5 years. 2 packs a day. One day I woke up coughing my guts out and then a chunk of something blackish brown came flying out of my mouth with blood all over it. I panicked hard - thought I was dying, imagined the entire inside of my lungs looked like that, I threw away my remaining cigarettes that day, in fact within an hour of that event, and haven't ever smoked again, and never will. Stop now. Don't let it continue. Consider it poison, because it is.

  • Stop now, or you'll be hooked for life. Cigarettes are more addictive than heroine or any other drug. I've done them all and I know.

  • I agree with all the comments on here.
    STOP smoking NOW !!!
    I'm.guessing that at sixteen it's cool to rebel and break the rules.
    I know, I've been there and so has my brother Kev.
    I got lucky, coughed my guts up on my first cigarette aged 15 and never smoked again.
    My brother Kev who is.now 55 years old has.smoked all his life and as a result has breathing problems similar ton Covid as he has wrecked his lungs by smoking.
    He continually coughs up thick yellow mucus and is short of breath.
    He knows full that if he catches Covid it will kill him.
    Smoking 🚬 will ruin your health,.possibly kill you, and will definitely empty your wallet. Respect your body and stop now !!!
    Lecture the old git aged 58 now over !!!

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