Incapacitated Advantage this is crazy

I have been married to my wife now for 5 years. I work days and she works nights, so when we have time off we make the best of it. I take two sleeping medicine at night because i can not sleep. The medicine worked so well that sometimes i would wet the bed maybe once a month, because i could not wake up during the night to use the bathroom. I know gross but when you stay up for days you will do whatever to get sleep. I had noticed waking up with dried sperm in the pubic region. I did have wet dreams so it was not out of the normal for that to happen. I woke up one morning and found a pair of pants in the bed. I was afraid i was sleeping walking at night and the fact i slept naked was not good especially if i went outside.

I bought a camera to record my action at night to see what i did on the medicines at night while sleeping. I had got about 4 days worth and went scrolling through the video when i came upon something that scared the crap out of me. There on the film was my step daughter coming in the room. She walked confidently over and pulled the sheets off me reviling me naked. And performed oral on me and then cowgirl me. I was horrified, it hit me the wet dreams was really happen except it was her. When my 7 went soft she get off and left.

Since this happened i put a lock on the bedroom door which i told my wife we needed anyways for when we are in our alone time. I have started sleeping with bottoms on which i told my wife was because you never know when something will happen and have to jump up and go. I do not hang around no more with the step daughter either.

My step daughter is 6 months pregnant and refused to tell us who she had been with. And putting 2 and 2 together i'm freaking out that stupid B**** has been doing this for awhile and she has gotten pregnant. And to boot just found out the wife is 2 months pregnant.

Somebody help do i talk and show the evidence that it not my fault or what. I'm panicking and about to bust 1 with angry 2 with that little B**** deceit 3 I LOVE MY WIFE. Please help What is wrong with her sick self??????????

Jan 21, 2021

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  • Wow that’s crazy , but how old is she when this started? If you have the proof about everything. Will you tell your wife ? A talk show I feel would be a bad idea because your putting something like this on tv where all can see, which could also endanger your family.

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