Has your wife ever slap you on Di*k

My wife often slap my di*k, especially when it’s exposed and h******. I have seen smile in her face while doing so. I feel embarrassed sometimes but my di*k get aroused more when she slap it.
Anyone experienced the same?

Feb 25, 2021

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  • My wife slaps my d*** and b**** when she catches me jerking off to pictures of her mom

  • My wife likes to slap my b**** while I have an erection It is a real turn on

  • My girlfriend does this to me, it started with me c****** too quickly and going soft one time. She slapped my d*** and I got so aroused I got hard. We then had mad s**. Ever since then s** is pretty much me c****** in 10 seconds and then her hitting my d*** telling me to man up and then getting super hard and satisfying her.

    She does it randomly too, in the car, in the pool on holiday so I can't get out until my d*** gets soft again. One time she walked in naked in the men's changing rooms on a spa break, everyone gawping at her. She slapped my d*** and I got Hard in front of those around, then grabbed my d*** and dragged me into the shower by it.

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