Has your wife ever slap you on Di*k

My wife often slap my di*k, especially when it’s exposed and h******. I have seen smile in her face while doing so. I feel embarrassed sometimes but my di*k get aroused more when she slap it.
Anyone experienced the same?

Feb 25

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  • My wife slaps my d*** and b**** when she catches me jerking off to pictures of her mom

  • My wife likes to slap my b**** while I have an erection It is a real turn on

  • My girlfriend does this to me, it started with me c****** too quickly and going soft one time. She slapped my d*** and I got so aroused I got hard. We then had mad s**. Ever since then s** is pretty much me c****** in 10 seconds and then her hitting my d*** telling me to man up and then getting super hard and satisfying her.

    She does it randomly too, in the car, in the pool on holiday so I can't get out until my d*** gets soft again. One time she walked in naked in the men's changing rooms on a spa break, everyone gawping at her. She slapped my d*** and I got Hard in front of those around, then grabbed my d*** and dragged me into the shower by it.

  • I'm not married but am in an exclusive relationship with my live-in GF and she has been doing to me what your wife does to you for over a year. When she wants to punish me she slaps my shaft or my sac or both. Like with you, I know and she knows this is usually no kind of "punishment" because I almost always love it. If she does it hard enough for long enough, she can actually make me start flinging c**. Sometimes when we are at friends houses and she becomes annoyed or angry at me or disappointed in me, she will come stand right in front of me, tap the front of my pants with her fingertip, and smile up at me and say, "you better check yourself honey, before I show all these people what a sick little b**** you are". I guess I have to confess: I really am her b****. She runs the show. All of it.

  • Wow. What a great female led relationship.
    Does she ever try to lead you by your di*k and make you follow her like a pet?

  • She does do that sometimes, yes. In fact we tried to come up up with some kind up leash or leader arrangement that wrapped or looped around my c*** and b****, but we never were able to keep it from slipping off, so she couldn't j*** it like she wanted and she couldn't use it to reeeeally hurt me. Being the sort of woman she is she would always laugh and turn the slippage into a crticism, like, "Well, looks like somebody needs to grow a bigger d***". How does your wife do it with yours?

  • Well. She does that quite often to me. Often when we are in living room and watching TV. She gets h**** she makes my d*** hard and grab that tight and lead me by di*k like her dog. She feels very empowered and I feel very very weak. The very special things which makes us men makes us weak too.
    Sometimes I resist to follow her when I am not in mood. Well what can I do. She has the control over my Di*k. She slap it hard and grab me by b**** and drag me. I feel like a helpless puppy of her.

    BTW does your GF seduce you by wearing hot outfits? She loves to wear low cut top which shows nice cleavage and hot shorts exposing her sexy legs.
    In every aspect she makes me feel very very weak.
    Modern wife’s know how to control their husbands 😀

  • One more thing. No matter how big your d*** is women always will pretend that it’s small. That’s how they wants us to fee inferior.

  • You got that right. Her humiliation of me began on our first date. She told me how long Trey was, and how good it felt to have his k*** pressing HARD against her cervix. When she's in the mood, she knows how to be a really vicious, cruel b****. She was in one of those moods when we discovered her slapping my genitals was a thrilling advantage for her. She is mostly pleasant, but when she's angry, or provoked, she can be insufferable. She calls herself "The T******* Terrorist", and she can be truly terrifying. With her, it's not a game. God help me: I've fallen in love with her and she owns me. All of me. We have more history, but none of it is flattering to me.

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