I need advice

I liked this guy for like 3 years and we were always best friends. my senior year he starting dating my best girlfriend. me and him basically stopped being frineds, because it was weird now. She went out of town for 6months and me and him got really close again. like too close. he basically emotionally cheated on her with me. I didnt realize it until everyone that knows us started to ask about "us". Well my best friend his gf came home. and everything went right back to how it was before. I am hurting really bad. I really like this guy like i always have. everyone told me they thought he liked me, but he is with her. What do i do? He knows I like him. I think she senses something too. They are both my best friends. My heart is hurting so much. Especially when we are all together, because now I just feel more alone than before. Anyone have any advice?

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  • Thanks a lot. I think I kind of knew all that inside, but didnt want to hear it. Thanks thanks

  • Yes, I have advice. I don't want to patronize you, but you are so young and these kind of situations are normal and a good way to learn about relationships, love, friendship, etc, though the navigation is messy.
    Bottom line is, if the guy preferred you he would be with you. It might be he just doesn't have the feelings for you of being more than a friend. There are lots of instances of a guy or girl who ends up dating two friends, maybe even ends up marrying the friend of his/her original boyfriend/girlfriend. As long as he knows you like him, there is nothing else you can do. He is learning as he goes along, too. Maybe he gets something emotionally out of you that he doesn't get out of her, and gets something from her that he doesn't get out of you. That is just natural immaturity and shows he isn't capable of a full relationship. But don't blame him - you guys are so young, this is how a lot of relationships are for many more years to come - sorry! Just hang on for the right one.

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