Two times I accidentally ate food without buying it

This first story happened over 5 years ago. It was in the store of some zoo (I forgot the name). I was walking around the store, looking for some snacks. (Keep in mind this looked quite different from the typical store, mainly because there were no pricetags anywhere, not on or near the items.) Finally, I discovered the snack that I wanted to eat the most, some cheddar popcorn! But for some reason, my dumbass forgot that I was in a store and that I was supposed to buy the food before I ate it. I literally grabbed the bag, OPENED it and STARTED EATING THE POPCORN. I managed to finish THE ENTIRE BAG before I realized that I was supposed to buy it before I ate it. So I began to panic and decided to just stick the empty bag right where the bag originally was before I opened it. Surprisingly, the employees didn’t see me at all, even though it was a VERY small store (probably because they were dealing with another customer while I was doing that). I wonder if they even noticed that the bag was empty...

This second story happpened a little over 6 months ago in the store section of a Cracker Barrel restaurant. I was holding the pack of orange gummies in my hand as we we were in the store, then I spaced out (I have ADHD so I constantly space out for no reason at all lmao) for a while until my mom called me and told me to leave. So I left the store, not realizing that the gummy bag was still in my hand and it wasn’t checked out yet. None of the employees at the store even noticed (they probably . It wasn’t until we were driving away in my parents’ car that I realized I was still holding the gummy bag in my hands, and by that time there was no way I was gonna tell my parents to stop the car so I could get back in the store to tell the employees that I accidentally stole some pack of gummies. So I decided to eat the gummies in the car. They didn’t even taste like oranges... I’m pretty sure my parents knew that I stole it but they probably knew it was an accident and at that point I think they were too tired to turn back as well. Cracker Barrel got some LONG wait times... anyways that’s it. Cya

Mar 27, 2021

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  • Your mother and father are clyptomanics too so don't worry.

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