I hate my step son

I’m so frustrated and ready to leave my 8 year relationship because of my step son. He moved in with us nearly 3 years ago, and has no intention of going anywhere, any time soon. He is 24 years old. He has a very good paying job, yet he is made to pay for nothing. He contributes nothing around the house. He is a selfish, entitled little ** that has done nothing but ruin his dads and my relationship. We fight all the time over it, as I am fed up buying all the groceries and house supplies that he is not made to pay anything towards. I’m expected to cook for him (which is painful, as he eats as though he’s a 12 year old, chicken fingers and fries, very picky)
My bf just gets angry at me anytime o address the issuer that he should be paying something to live with us, just to teach him responsibilities. He does nothing but buy new expensive things for himself, like a $70,000 truck, a $25,000 custom snowmobile..while I’m working my ** off to have my old vehicle and buy his groceries. I’m so sick of it, but can’t bring myself to accept that it’s only my problem, and nothing will ever change. Things are only getting more tense around the house. I just don’t get how he doesn’t see how he’s being played and taken advantage of...or is that me??? I don’t know what to do anymore! Any suggestions??

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