Navy Blue Tights Thief

Now that deep fall has set in the policewoman who's opaque navy blue leotards (tights) I stole last fall has been regularly baiting her trap. I have been resisting for as long as I can attempting to steal another pair from her line as every Saturday morning she has been putting one or two pairs out. I finally, surrendered to my criminal desires and successfully entered her web. I even wore the tights I captured last year from her under my faded ripped blue jeans with my navy blue stockings. I entered her yard by climbing a fence from her neighbours yard so I could enter undetected. I captured two more beautiful thick pairs and quickly escaped the spider's web and fled. I truly enjoyed this game of spider and the fly with her my nemesis. The human fly again successfully eluded capture! I wonder if she will continue to set her trap knowing the fly is faster and smarter than the spider! I look forward to playing with her again.

Nov 18
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  • Welcome to my web (navy blue leotards thief) aka human fly! You are awfully arrogant to thing your crime went unobserved. Just know that a very thick web is being spun especially for you! A nice sticky net that will hold you fast from which escape will be impossible, when I capture you you will be wrapped in a thick beautiful cocoon. You will then be quickly whisked away in a cage car to the local jail where you will enjoy interrogation by a policewoman eager to get her claws on you. You will then be belly chained and transported to a nice austere little jail cell and your little fantasy will come to its proper pathetic end with you netted and caged!

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