Navy Blue Leotards

Shortly after last post I got on the bus and returning home after a day of cruising women in my ripped blue jeans and navy blue leotards (tights) I was searching for women dressed in blue jeans, navy blue or other tights the unimaginable happened. A women gets on the bus wearing ripped jeans and navy leotards just like mine. Our eyes met and from that moment on she continued to stare at me menacingly until it dawned on me she was the policewoman whose leotards I had stolen. This is not good as I am trapped at back of bus. She gets on her phone and a few stops later the bus is met by a car out of which a woman gets out she too in ripped blue jeans with a man in as well in jeans. They board the bus briefly confer and the first women points at me and they approach. I am informed they are plainclothes officers patrolling city transit for offenders of various sorts, I am under arrest for trespassing, theft, resist arrest, escape custody from my encounter with her as she handcuffs me and escorts me off the bus into what is an unmarked cage car. Upon arrival I am stripped searched thoroughly and she meticulously goes through all my clothing even my navy blue socks and leotards. I am permitted to dress back in my jeans and socks no leotards then put in a belly chain and transferred to the holding cells. Captured more to come...

Jul 17, 2021

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  • I take it this is a half assed start to a fictional dream

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